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More than 8 thousand new students arrive

On Aug 31, the move-in day, the Class of 2021 of Nanjing Normal University settled into dormitories at Suiyuan, Xianlin and Zijin campus. Around 5 thousand freshmen and 3 thousand first-year graduates who have travelled from across the country and around the globe make up the class.

Teams of faculty, staff and students around the campus helped direct and provided assistance to the newcomers and their families . Secretary of NNU Committee of CPC Minqiang Hu, NNU President Guoxiang Chen, Deputy Secretary of NNU Committee of CPC and Vice President Limin Zhang, Deputy Secretary of NNU Committee of CPC Hongbo Shang, NNU Vice President Lixin Tian, Kangsheng Fu, Xiaojin Zhu, Jiandong Miao, Xuyu Zhang, Youlian Sun, NNU Chief Financial Officer Leiming Ren, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection Weiming Xu joined the teams to greet the first-year class.

The 2017 opening ceremony, which officially welcomes students to the University, will be held on Friday September 8.

The photo wall, which is 3 meters high and 40 meters long, is composed of 1,902 photos of NNU teachers, students and activities. Dahua Zhang/NNU Staff Photographer


Secretary of NNU Committee of CPC Minqiang Hu meets new students and gives scholarship recipients NNU packs. Quan Chen/NNU Staff Photographer

NNU President Guoxiang Chen meets student volunteers at the Nanjing Motor Station. Yili Ren/NNU Student Photographer

Sharonova Alina, from Russia, says,“The campus is like a huge garden as there are a lot of grass and green trees. The dormitory and its surroundings are much quieter than my previous one.” Attracted by the bilingual teaching mode and the high educational standard, Sharonova Alina comes to NNU to study Korean and English. She sets herself a small goal of studying in one of Korean universities as an exchange student. Ling Zhang/NNU Student Photographer

Jingkai Lan, from Malaysia, who majors in Chinese Brush Painting, marvels at the huge campus, saying that teachers and upperclassmen are really nice.He holds great expectations of life at Nanjing Normal University. Ling Zhang/NNU Student Photographer

Wajid Ali (right), from Pakistan, considers NNU as a good choice for further study due to its numerous international publications in the field of science and medicine. “My country has a really good relationship with China. If I do my research here, it’s also an advantage”, he says. As a doctor student, Wajid Ali hopes to find some good treatments for cancer, the research topic that he now works on. Ling Zhang/NNU Student Photographer

Xingchen Liang says,"I used to look at the campus across the street. I am excited that I finally get into the gate as a student who will study at NNU. NNU has never been so beautiful in my eyes." Jing Jin/NNU Student Photographer