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Listen to Radio of NNU for Foreign Language Instruction

“Dear audience, this is RNF, a special guest has arrived here to record one special episode together with me! Hi, Alicia, welcome to our program.”
“It’s a pleasure to be invited.”
“We shall start then. Let’s put on these earphones.”

The radio host and the guest Alicia. By NNU student photographer Lan Zhou

After inviting guests to the radio station, a day of industrious work starts at The Radio of Nanjing Normal University for Foreign Language Instruction (RNF). Usually an interview plan with multiple topics will be prepared by the host, with the intent to arouse thought-provoking conversations during the recording. Then, in order to provide well-made radio programs for the audience, editing the program is a routine work of the host. Not until the program is successfully broadcasted is the host able to end the day’s work with contentment.

“Indeed, designing, writing the scripts, recording and editing all by oneself are challenging but as part of the process a lot of useful skills are learned and all the programs that are created are just like our “kids”. We devote so much time and effort to make the programs as wonderful as possible and in the end we really hope it helps the radio station to become more popular and gain more listeners.” said one of members of RNF.

In 1996, the first and only foreign language radio station – RNF – was established at NNU. Through 20 years’ great effort and innovation, RNF has gained popularity among students on campus and out.RNF provides a selection of 14 programs, 90% of which are broadcasted in English and provide useful information and instruction for English study.

Sherlock, their star program, produces fresh and entertaining interviews; English films and TV series give insight into the art of film and TV making. To cater to its audience’s needs, there is also Fashion Show to help everyone follow the latest fashion trends.

Radio Guide, first published in 1996, is a featured product of RNF. It’s a newspaper that provides readers with previews and interesting reports that is circulated on campus. It also provides a list of programs and the days and times to tune into them as well. To find out more, tune into FM 89.5 or 79.2!

Fun, also full of usefulness, creative while still practical, these qualities characterize today’s RNF.

Students of RNF team

In recent days, to catch up with the development of technology and mass media, RNF has started to publish its programs on many new media platforms, including WeChat public platform, Himalayan APP, and also the newly-coming out video series ‘NNUTUBE’, aimed at providing English knowledge in a fun way. The first episode has already been published on both video platforms Bilibili and Tencent Video, and has received plenty of compliments.

To bring more practical use in English learning and to improve the English speaking skills of its audience, as well as aesthetic ability, RNF holds a Foreign Language Radio Play Contest every year in March. They also invite professionals specializing in phonetics and literature writing to offer guidance and suggestions to the contestants. High quality radio plays are created every year, showing big steps of improvement in English learning.

Working hard on improving the quality of the programs and discovering new ways to maximize its usefulness, RNF is on the way to a better future.