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International Culture Day celebrates world cultures


On the afternoon of Friday, November 23, 2018 diverse music, yummy food and exquisite crafts celebrating the traditions around the world filled Century Square, Xianlin Campus, where the 8th Nanjing Normal University International Culture Day was held.

“NICE TO MEET U” is the theme of NNU International Culture Day in 2018, which is hosted by the International Exchange Office in November every year. It is a vibrant and colorful celebration of diverse ethnicities and cultures represented on the NNU campus.


The festivities commenced with a warm speech by Lixin Tian, vice president of NNU, expressing his wish that this International Culture Day would provide an arena for international students to introduce their culture and interact with others from different countries.

This opening event was followed by live performances, bringing together performing groups and individuals from the campus. The showcase included a Chinese Musical Instrument Ensemble, Vietnamese dance and several cultural shows representing other countries.


( Vietnamese dance, Photo by NNU student photographer Muyu Du)


( A Culture Panel, Photo by NNU student photographer Muyu Du)


( A boy wears folk costume and a fur hat, Photo by NNU student photographer Muyu Du)


( Marcine, a Polish student, Photo by NNU student photographer Muyu Du)

The climax of the festival was the International Bazaar. Under a total of 50 red tents representing 50 countries, the bazaar started with all types of traditional products, ranging from typical foods and drinks to traditional clothing, flags, andtongue twisters to tourist brochures. Students, wearing their folk costumes for festivals, introduced their local culture and taught interesting games under tents. Varieties of activities also attracted thousands of students and staff passing by. Due to the new photo contest this year, many shutterbugs showed up to collect interesting moments of this festival.

The spirit was so high that people were still playingMizmar, a kind of African dance, until the sun hid his face amid a crowd of clouds.

Recently, NNU has made achievements in fostering intercultural communication. In 2018, NNU reached a new milestone, as international students from 141 countries came to study at NNU. NNU also has done a lot to present a global view to all the students. The International Culture Festival is one of those activities. As well as being a great melting pot for culture and knowledge, International Culture Day is also a wonderful opportunity to support international students and education, exchange ideas, and develop new friendships, all while enjoying cultural exhibits and global cuisine.

“We met interesting guys here, and I really enjoyed it.” Marcine, who has studied and lived in Suiyuan Campus for the past 2 months as an exchange student from Poland, fondly expressed how he felt today.