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International College for Chinese Studies celebrate 2017 New Year

On December 23, the 2017 New Year Party of International College for Chinese Studies was held in Nanjing Normal University.

Yehui Duan, the dean of the International College for Chinese Studies delivered a New Year speech, reviewed the achievement the college has got in the last year, expressed his thanks for the care and support of NNU and all sectors of the community and prospect the future development of the college. He encouraged the faculty and students to cherish the honors and make persistent efforts to usher a new chapter.

On the New Year Party, the youthful song “The Girl Next Door” livened the atmosphere, a series of dancing show by Chinese and overseas students brought the party to the climax. Dancing performance of different styles such as Laos dance, African Dance, Peacock Dance and Sleeve dance presented the audience the spectacular art home and abroad. The adept Gu Zheng (a 21-or 25-stringed plucked instrument) performance “Beating the Tigers Climbs Mountains” fascinated all the audience, and the witty skits “Tale of the White Snake” elicit out-loud laughter. At last, after the three chorus’“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, “Love Each other” and “BreakBeat” , the joy of the New Year and the passion of youth spread out before the audience which reflected the solidarity, enthusiasm and striving spirit of the students.