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Huai Opera Group’s Small Town Brought Super Excitement to NNU

“Humans at their birth are naturally good (人之初,性本善).” Quoting a well-known saying from an Ancient Chinese work: Three Character Classic (《三字经》), Huai opera group’s Small Town commenced on April 19th, 2018, at NNU’s Zhongbei Hall. Over 200 enthusiastic audience members, from the old to the young, filled the hall with super excitement in anticipation of seeing this nationally known masterpiece.

Having won various high-level awards, Small Town has proved that it is a breathtaking work of art built by first-class screenwriter Xinhua Xu, experienced director Ang Lu, talented actors and actresses and every indispensable member of the whole team over a ten year labor of love. The core of the opera is about the struggle of human nature and trust crisis created by a 5 million RMB reward offered to the small town.