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From one Chinese character per minute to four SCI papers

Siyuan Lu, a graduate student majoring in Computer Science and Technology in Nanjing Normal University and patient with cerebral palsy, has published four papers in the international core journals. He was awarded “the pacemaker to merit students” and “national scholarship for graduates”by NNU.

“I know that I must work one hundred times as hard as my peers to narrow down the disparity between us, or I would lose the opportunity to further my study.” Lu said. Though along the path of life, Siyuan Lu is accompanied by sufferings, his passion for study never ceases.

He is incapable of doing delicate maneuvers and barely holding a pen out of the serious spasm of hands. Unimaginable efforts should be made to write every single character. Despite all this, he was admitted into the Zhongbei College, NNU with good grade majoring in Computer Science and Technology by virtue of his incredible hard work.

“Here, I find the light of hope and the way of achieving personal values.” In his undergraduate study, Lu got research guidance from Professor Yudong Zhang on the application of core algorithm and yielded some achievements from which he saw his values. He is so interested in programming that most of his time was spent in thinking and pondering over and over again before the computer save for his class, eating and rest time.

During his graduate study, Lu continues to choose professor Zhang as his supervisor. “I clearly remember that my son smiles more often after meeting with his supervisor professor Zhang”, Zhihai Lu, the father of Lu said. Professor Zhang’s research direction is intelligent medical image processing in computer science and technology which aims to improve the accuracy of doctors’ medical image analysis by computer software technology. “I have read the research material abroad which reflects that doctors’ accuracy rate of diagnosis on X ray film and CT is only 70%. I hope to increase the accuracy rate by my efforts and mitigate the patients’ sufferings since I myself is one.” Lu said.

During the two-year graduate study, Lu has extraordinary academic performance. He published four SCI papers, one EI paper and one ISTP paper. “ He is up to the graduation requirements for a doctoral degree with his current academic achievements.”  His supervisor Yudong Zhang said.

“I mainly pay attention to medical image processing and automatic diagnosis for cerebral diseases. I put forward new ways in every paper of mine for quicker and more accurate diagnosis of cerebral diseases.”Lu said. Now, he can track the state-of-the-art technical applications in the world and complete high-level experiments independently. “The process is not easy, but I’m happy to rape my academic fruits.”Lu said.

He got the Research Innovation Program for University Graduates of Jiangsu Province in July 2016 and was awarded“the pacemaker to merit students”and “national scholarship for graduates” in December. At present, being influenced by his supervisor, Lu’s research mainly focuses on intelligent medical image processing with an aim to help the patients get timely treatments by improving computer’s detection ability for the symptoms at the early stage. “Had my cerebral palsy been discovered earlier, I might have had a different life”, Lu sighed. Since his own sufferings could not be changed, what the inspiring 26-year-old boy hopes is to protect others from sufferings through his research.