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Education Symposium between University of Strathclyde and Nanjing Normal University

From April 26th to 28th , the first session of Education Symposium jointly hosted by the Humanities and Social Sciences department, University of Strathclyde and the School of Education Science, Nanjing Normal University was held in University of Strathclyde, UK. Professor Rong Zhang, associate Professor Xiaoling Wu and lecturer Xuefeng Qiao from the school of Education Science attended the symposium at the University of Strathclyde.

Douglas Brodie, the minister of the Humanities and Social Sciences department, University of Scotland, delivered an address at the opening ceremony. He briefed the participants on the history and achievements of the two schools' cooperation and emphasized academic dialogue and scientific cooperation through academic symposiums.

This symposium takes the form of a thematic report and round-table discussion. Prof. Donald Christie, Dr. Paul Adams, Dr. Claire Cassidy, Dr. David, Dr. Lewin, Dr. Alan Huang and Prof. Kate Wall of the University of Scotland and Dr. Wei Shen(Visiting Scholar) have done the reports respectively which entitled as “Cooperative Learning and Learning Collaboration”, “Interpreting, Framing and forming” the Policy of “Providing Correct Action for Every Child”, “The Voice of the Child”, “The Reproduction of the World and the Reduction of Teaching Methods”, “Measuring the Development of Pre-service Teachers in Metacognition and Self-study”, “Close Feedback Loop: the Value of Students' Participation in Teaching and Learning”, Report on Teacher’s Teaching Commitment and Course Understanding in China' s Educational Reform. Dr. Xuefeng Qiao, Professor Rong Zhang and Dr. Xiaoling Wu have made reports respectively —— “the Explore of the Factors that affect the pre-service teachers’ studying abroad”, “The Dilemma and Tendency of Chinese Education in International Understanding”, “To be a Child: Children's inner voice”. At the end of each report, the symposium will allow sufficient time for the participants to conduct a round-table discussion on the theme.

On the basis of the discussion, the two sides jointly discussed the further cooperation of scientific research, proposed carrying out the exploration in the form of international project groups centering on the specific scientific theme. Prof. Xiaoling Wu has already been a member of the project group chaired by Dr. Claire Cassidy which focuses on children’ understanding of childhood and conducted a comparative study of ten countries. Prof. Donald Christie, Dr. Xuefeng Qiao, Prof. Rong Zhang, Dr. Alan Huang, Dr. Huaping Li and Dr. David Roxburgh agreed to conduct a research around internationalization of teacher education and develop common research tools to carry out research on China and Britain separately and comparatively..

This symposium is the first annual academic symposium jointly held by Nanjing Normal University and universities abroad. The symposium further expanded the cooperation space between the two countries, promoted academic exchanges between the two schools and laid the foundation for further international cooperation. The second session of the symposium will be held in our school next year.