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Bugs’ Book is named the best book design in the world

The Bugs’Book was awarded a silver medal in the 2017 competition of "best book design from all over the world" in Germany recently. It was among a total of 14 winners announced in the city of Leipzig, German, beating almost 600 books from 32 countries and regions.

The Book of Bugs, one volume donated to the British Library, was published in 2015, and has made part of its permanent collection. It was designed by Yingchun Zhu, the director of NNU Center for Research in book culture and the art director of NNU Press, and his assistant Shanhan Huangfu. It contains no words, but only 'works' by various types of bugs. Noticing how tracks left by bugs resemble Chinese characters, Zhu spent five years in NNU Suiyuan Campus recording almost 10,000 bug tracks into a dictionary.

The annual book design competition "best book design from all over the world", organized by the Stiftung Buchkunst, has been held in Leipzig since 1963. The international competition assesses books which have previously been judged and singled out for merit by specialist panels in respective countries of origin. The two Chinese books were among 25 entries submitted by the panel of "the most beautiful books in China".