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A Marx Statue Made by NNU’s Alumnus Weishan Wu is Unveiled in Trier, Germany

On Saturday, May 5, in commemoration of the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx, an unveiling ceremony of a statue of Marx, given as a gift from China, was solemnly held in Trier, Germany, Marx’s homeland. The Vice Director of the State Council Information Office, Weimin Guo, Minister president of Rhineland-Palatinate State, Malu Dreyer, the Chinese Ambassador to Germany, Mingde Shi, and the Mayor of Trier, Wolfram Leibe, attended this ceremony. Weishan Wu, a distinguished alumnus from the School of Art of Nanjing Normal University, who is also the creator of the Marx statue, an international well-known sculptor and the curator of the National Art Museum of China was invited to attend the unveiling ceremony at which he attended and delivered a speech.

The Marx statue is made of bronze. It weighs about 2.3 tons with a height of 4.6 meters. It stands on a 0.9-meter base. Altogether, the height is 5.5 meters. The statue’s location is in the center of Trier in Simon Church Square. “This number corresponds to Marx’s birthday, May 5th”, said Weishan Wu. It took him almost two years to complete this work from the first draft to the final version. He chose an image of Marx at around 48 years old while he was composing Capital as the inspiration for this statue.

He not only applied a contemporary Chinese freehand way of making a sculpture, but he also added European realism tradition into the work. Because Marxism keeps developing, this inspired him to choose Marx’s posture as walking to highlight Marx’s identity as a thinker and a philosopher.  “He walks calmly and peacefully on the road of his hometown—Trier, and walks into the world and into the future.” said Weishan Wu.

At the unveiling, Weishan Wu shared his feelings, “During the process of composing the statue, I was able further understand Marx, who worked for the well-being of the masses, who sought to reveal the scientific truth, who fought for overcoming adversity, who endeavored to enrich the meaning of life. He is not a religious idol, but a real man who walks in our lives forever.”

The statue received high praise from the representatives there from Germany. The Mayor of Trier Wolfram Leibe said, “Professor Wu’s artistic creation makes Karl Marx look so lively. His ideas can be presented through the visual way in the 21st century.”

The Vice Director of the State Council Information Office, Weimin Guo, said that Trier bred the great man Karl Marx, and so Trier is well known by to Chinese people. China sends the statue to Marx’s homeland, which reflects the friendship between China and Germany and the will to create a community of a shared future for mankind together.