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A Gathering for Chinese and international students was held to celebrate NNU’s 112th anniversary

On the afternoon of December 5th, “A Gathering for Chinese and international students, blessings for Nanjing Normal University”was held at Nanjing Normal University.

Lixin Tian, Vice President of NNU and the directors of both the Graduate School and the International College for Chinese Students presented at the party. More than one hundred students took part in this grand gathering.

“This year witnessed the 115th anniversary of the founding of NNU. This activity was held not only as a tribute to the university, but also as a bridge for friendly exchanges between Chinese students and international students” as Lixin Tian pointed out in his speech.

At the party, Chinese and international students sang the anthem of NNU’s anthemin Chinese and English respectively. The courage and confidence of NNUers are well represented in the anthem.

The teacher representative and the student representative, Jixian Wang, Party Secretary of the International College for Chinese Students Committee of the CPC and a Korean student, Yuli Lee, all expressed their thoughts on being part of NNU.

“I really appreciate the chance of studyinghere at NNU. The campus life is rich and colorful. I have made lots of friends from all over the world and the interaction between different cultures has broadened my horizons. The people, the academic atmosphere and everything here should be cherished.” Yuli Lee said.

The creative games like “Balloon Delivery” got everyone excitedly involved. The scene play “Time Travel of NNU” brought the whole event to a climax. “Saman Dance” performed by the Indonesian students, Jasmine Flower sung by the Russian students, song Bohemian presented by the African students were all distinctive and brilliant.