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A collection of calligraphy and seal works of Lingbo Fang are exhibited

An exhibition of calligraphy and seal works of Lingbo Fang, co-sponsored by the Jiangsu Calligraphers Association, the Jiangsu Chinese Culture Promotion Society, and Nanjing Normal University, was held at Art Museum, XianlinCampus, NNU on October 13th, 2017.

Lingbo Fang is an Associate Professor and Master’s Supervisor of NNU, Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Young Calligraphers Association, and Deputy Secretary General of Nanjing Young Artist Association. And one of her works was collected by the Palace Museum. Lingbo Fang created nearly a hundred works, whose contents were mainly poems composed of Yuan Mei and his pupils, for this exhibition. There are calligraphy on the fan, couplets written by her, and the long scroll of calligraphy. Her works, varying in style and form, not only combine traditional calligraphy and the elements of modern life but also integrate the contents of ancient calligraphy and painting with modern western forms.


Those who attended the opening ceremony were the former political commissar of Nanjing Military Region, General zuqi Fang, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture director-general Yaoxin Xu, Chairman of Jiangsu Chinese Culture Promotion Society Yijian Gao, Deputy Secretary of CPC of Department of Public Security of Jiangsu Province and the director of political department, Fengsuo Zou, the former NNU Vice President Baiqi Pan, Secretary of CPC of Nanjing library Xianhong Han, a famous realistic painting artist Jigao Yu, Vice Chairmen of Jiangsu Young Calligraphers Association Weijun Wang and Ji’an Wang and NNU President Guoxiang Chen.


Yi Zhu, Secretary of School of Fine arts Committee of CPC, hosted the opening ceremony. Yijian Gao, Chairman of Jiangsu Chinese Culture Promotion Society warmly welcomed and appreciated the guests and the audience who came to the site. Also, he gave affirmation to Lingbo Fang’s calligraphy and cultural achievements and wished the exhibition a complete success. Weijun Wang highly praised the culture status of Suiyuan Campus, NNU and achievements of NNU’S calligraphy training. Professor Weijun Wang summarized how Chinese calligraphy will evolve in the contemporary context from three aspects of the ontology of calligraphy, the relation between calligraphy and Chinese culture and the status of Chinese calligraphy in the international art environment. And then here called Lingbo Fang’s more than a decade of life at NNU, affirmed the progress she has made through her personal unremitting efforts, and placed high expectations on her.


Lingbo Fang expressed her heartfelt thanks to the leaders and teachers and also to the relatives and friends who have supported her. She also stated that she would continue to be a diligent scholar and work hard. Lingbo Fang donated one of her cursive works to NNU Art Museum and received one piece of work inscribed for “Another Top Calligrapher in the Calligraphy Circle” from an alumnus of NNU and a famous realistic painting artist Jigao Yu who would like to express the affirmation and expectation of the older generation of artists to young calligraphers.