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23 Teachers from NNU Selected for the “Zijin Cultural Talent Cultivation Project”, 2020

According to a recent document issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee’s Publicity Department titled “List of the Selected Talent and Young Talent of the Zijin Cultural Talent Cultivation Project”, 2020, a total of 23 teachers from NNU, in the Humanities and Social Sciences, have received recognition. Eight of them have been honored as Cultural Talent (5 in Social Sciences, 1 in Culture and Art, 1 in Press and Publication, 1 in Cultural Creation) and another fifteen as excellent Cultural Young Talent (10 in Social Science, 3 in Culture and Art, 1 in Press and Publication, 1 in Cultural Creation).

The purpose of the selection of these talented scholars is to implement the spirit of “the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on Issuing the Three-year Action Plan for the High-quality Development of Cultural Talent in Jiangsu Province”, vigorously discover, cultivate and gather outstanding talents in the Social Sciences, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, and constantly enhance the national influence of Jiangsu’s development in the Social Sciences, so as to implement the directive of “Three Strong and Three High” to build Jiangsu into a province infused with rich culture. After following the application procedure in sequential order, including submitting the application and recommendations, taking a qualification examination, an evaluation by an expert, and finally a review by the Publicity Department, 201 scholars were identified as Cultural Talent and 607 as outstanding Cultural Young Talent in 2020.