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2021 Commencement and Degree Conferral for Graduate Students

On the afternoon of June 21, the 2021 Graduate Commencement and Degree Conferral of Nanjing Normal University was held in the stadium on the Xianlin Campus of NNU. Secretary of the Party Committee, Minqiang Hu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president, Guoxiang Chen, all the leaders in Nanjing, representatives of the NNU Degree Evaluation Committee, heads of various departments and schools, representatives of graduate supervisors, and all the graduates gathered together to witness this unforgettable moment. The ceremony was presided over by Hongbo Shang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee.

Here are some highlights:

President Guoxiang Chen delivered a speech to encourage graduates to strive for excellence.

Guo’an Tang, the representative of the graduate supervisors as well as a professor from the School of Geography gave his blessings to the graduates. 

Haoyun Dai, a PhD graduate from the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures shared her touching memories at NNU.

Jiusheng Li, vice president and a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, announced the decision of degree awarding and commendation for graduates. 

Party Secretary, Minqiang Hu, awarded certificates to the 2021 outstanding graduate student representatives.

Student representatives from different schools recited prose.

NNU leaders and representatives of the NNU Degree Evaluation Committee awarded degrees to the graduates.

Finally, to end this grand ceremony, all the teachers and students sang the school song in unison.