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2019’s gone, 2020’s coming!

At the beginning of the New Year,

NNU news center interviewed six NNUers

on their gains in 2019 and resolutions for 2020.


Journalist: What’s the most impressive experience you had during 2019?

Wanyue Zhou
Junior student from the School of Food Science and Pharmaceutical Engineering

An unforgettable or impressive thing in 2019 would be the UNO dancing club. At the beginning, when I took over there were only two or three members in the club, but now there are more than 40 participants on our “locking” team. We all love dancing, and we practice and get together when we were free. I feel that this is a process that started from scratch because we were not familiar with each other at first. But through communication we are getting along and our relationships are becoming closer and closer. I feel time is flying, and has passed in the twinkling of an eye. Everyone in the street dance club, no matter if it’s the manager or participant, treats each other with sincere kindness.

Hao Zhang
Chinese exchange student of the International College for Chinese Studies from Bangladesh

For me, 2019 has been the most important year in my life. Firstly, I got a Chinese Government Scholarship. Secondly, I have passed HSK band 4. I also made many friends from different countries at NNU where my teachers and classmates are all very warm-hearted. Finally, I have participated in several activities. For example, the NNU sports meet, the NNU marathon and the welcome gala for new international students held by International College for Chinese Studies, all of which have been great achievements for me.

Bingfei Li
Freshman from the School of Computer Science and Technology

2019 was an extraordinary year for me, because I took the college entrance examination and was accepted by Nanjing Normal University. Although my major now was not my top choice, I am still very satisfied. During the first half of 2019, like all senior high school students, I studied hard and looked forward to the freedom of university life. During the second half of 2019, I got the freedom I wanted, but I didn't take full advantage of it and wasted my time. Through introspection, I decided to try to adapt to university life step by step. I’ve gained a lot by participating in some activities and student organizations. In addition, my ability to take care of myself is improving, I have never lived on campus before, so, I must do everything by myself now.

Journalist: What’s your new year’s resolution for 2020?

Jiamin Zhang
Senior student from the School of Fine Arts

By the end of my junior year, after three years of hard work, I qualified for a waiver from taking the national exam, equivalent to the GRE, for future graduate students .  During the graduation period next year, I am planning to go to Italy to see the sculptures and paintings of the Renaissance. Since my graduate major has changed from my undergraduate major of art education to oil painting, I want to improve my basic skills and techniques for my new major in my coming studies. Then, I hope to find a direction for how to develop my art in the future. Finally, in the future, I have the intention to start a business, and I will gradually craft a plan, and then implement it.

Aude Riedinger
French teacher in China from France

I have been a French teacher at Nanjing Normal University for two semesters. This is not the first time I have lived in a foreign country but China amazes me every day. In 2020, I want to deepen my learning of Chinese because of the lack of time, I have not been able to learn this language well so far. I also hope that some friends from France will come to visit me so that I can introduce them to my newly adopted country. When it comes to travel, I will continue my travels within China and return from time to time to Korea, a country in which I lived for a year and that gave me a taste of Asian culture. I hope that my students will always be interested in my courses and that I can continue to share French culture and the French language with them.

Chao Guo
Counsellor of Education Science

I'm leading the undergraduate class of 2016, and 2019 was the transitional period from junior year to senior year for these students. My biggest wish for 2020, should still be the expectations that all my students can embrace a better future. In 2020, my first class of 508 students will graduate from the undergraduate program. Some of them have chosen to pursue further study for a master's degree, some have chosen to become a teachers, and some have chosen to study abroad. But no matter what they have chosen, I hope that they can follow their heart's desire to be the person they want to be. In the future, they will be a father, a mother, and of course, will also be teachers. They will take over our burden on the road of teaching. I hope they can always keep their original intention for devoting themselves to teaching in mind, adhere to being a qualified teacher and always have hope deep in their heart. I feel so grateful that I could accompany them with every bit of their growth process throughout these four years.