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2017 Graduation Gala Concert ignites passion

To celebrate the graduation of the class of 2017, NNU hosted a gala concert which featured performances by the class of 2017 on the evening of June 15th.

NNU Deputy Vice Chancellor Jian Wang, Vice President Baiqi Pan, the directors of related functional departments, the deputy party secretaries and counsellors of different schools, all the class of 2017 as well as some teachers and undergrads watched the performance.

This gala concert was composed of six parts: the prelude, pure studenthood, regretless youth, forever young, flying dreams and the epilogue.



  1. NNU Students Choir: folk songs Spring, On Flowers
  2. Cao Bowen (one of the “Ten Best Singers of NNU”): song Goodbye My Love
  3. Jianning Yong, Mengjie Hao(the School of Law): song Young For You
  4. Jixing Chen, Bina Su, Zizheng Wang (the School of Nanrui Electrical and Automation and the School of Geography Science): hip-hop Lets Funk
  5. NNU Students Troupe of Traditional Instruments Orchestra: Chinese zither ensemble the Flow of Chinese ink
  6. NNU Students Drama Troupe: poetry recitation The Love Song of Youth
  7. Wenji Song(the Graduate School ): song You Are the Only One I Care
  8. NNU Students Choir: A cappella Try  Everything, William tell overture
  9. Graduating class teachers of the School of Physics and Technology: Xinjiang Folk Dance Dance Together with Joy
  10. The School of Fine Arts: Model Show
  11. Pingle Shi(the member of NNU Students Choir): song Festival Joy song
  12. Graduating class counsellors: recitation June is thriving
  13. Zehui Wang, Guangyu Cheng (one of the “Ten Best Singers of NNU”) : Memory in NNU
  14. NNU Dance Troupe: original dance Reaching into the Peak Once More
  15. Shanling Han: song Forever and Forever
  16. Tianxiang Lan(The School of Music): song You Are the Sunshine in My Heart
  17. Liya Ye (one of the “Ten Best Singers of NNU”) : song The Beacon
  18. Siyuan Zhou: song Never Say Goodbye
  19. The entire cast: song Fly Your Dreams