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2017 Awards Ceremony held for the students of the Year

On the afternoon of January 10, 2017 Nanjing Normal University’s annual Awards Ceremony for the Students of the Year was held. The Awards Ceremony is mainly to recognize top students who are full of creativity and have made achievements both in study and practice.

Enyu Zhu, chairman ofthe Jingwen Zhu Education Foundation; Fuqing Qian, chairman of the Fulong Holding Group; Ronghua Yan, deputy general manager of the Jiangsu Tiangong Group; Cuiyu Huang, vice chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Charity Federation; Minqiang Hu, secretary of the NNU Committee of the CPC; President Guoxiang Chen; Hongbo Shang, deputy secretary of the NNU Committee of the CPC; Vice Presidents Kangsheng Fu and Youlian Sun; Lianhong Zhang, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and director of the Office of CPC Publicity; Guodong Ben, a member of the Standing Committee and director of the Office of the CPC Organization and the Office of CPC United Front; and representatives of the faculty members and students were also present.

In his opening remarks, Minqiang Hu thanked all the faculty members and students, the awards’ donors, alumni at home and abroad as well as friends from all walks of life. He introduced the important achievements made in the development of a “Double First-Class” university (a project with the goal of establishing world-class universities and first-class disciplines in China), national discipline assessment and scientific research innovation.  

“Every single NNUer should build his or her own NNU dream and be fully devoted to academic learning and creativity. Each one of us should cherish this precious time at the university and make good use of it, and our dreams should not be separated from NNU’s reform and development and the great cause of China’s rejuvenation. You can make a difference for society by using what you have learned here and never cease to pursue a better self.” Minqiang Hu said to all the students.

This awards ceremony consists of four parts, namely Zhengde (be virtuous), Housheng (be caring), Duxue (be learned), Minxing (be probing) which also symbolizes the motto of NNU; each part embodies the meaning of the awards.

Guoxiang Chen presented the students representatives with the “National Scholarship” and “President Special Scholarship” awards; Enyu Zhu, Fuqing Qian and Ronghua Yan presented the students with the “Jingwen Zhu Scholarship”, “Fuqing Qian Scholarship” and “Tiangong Development Scholarship” awards respectively. As a philanthropist, Enyu Chu has made a great contribution to the public good and education cause.

“Every NNUer should seize the day, equip yourself with knowledge and keep your country in mind.” He said.

Awards of “Outstanding Members and Organizations of the NNU Committee of the CPC”, “Model Students”, “Outstanding Class”, “Outstanding Student Union”, “Outstanding National Undergraduate Training Programs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and “Winners of National Competitions” were awarded by other leaders from the university that were present.

Xushan Wang, an undergrad of NNU with academic distinction and an “online celebrity”, with three other students, recited an original poem “Dreams of Youth and NNU” to express their gratitude for the sincere help and support from all the entrepreneurs and social philanthropists in attendence. Representatives of the innovative entrepreneurship team presented a spectacular show called “Fight for Youth and Embrace the Future” with a combination of sound, poetry and painting which reflects the entrepreneurship, innovation, courage and perseverance of NNU students. Representatives of the student’s instructors and mentors also imparted their sincere wishes to all the students.

In closing, the song “Stay True to The Mission” reflected the positive attitude and determination of NNU’s faculty members and students.