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200 NNU students volunteer for Nanjing International Marathon 2016

Nanjing International Marathon (NIM) 2016 kicked off early on October 16. More than 21,000 athletes and marathon runners from 23 countries took part in it. 200 Volunteers of NNU donated their time and helped with this event.

At 4 AM, 200 Volunteers dressed in orange uniforms gathered at NNU and set off for NIM. In accordance with the arrangement of the organization committee, NNU volunteers are mainly responsible for the voluntary job at two water supply stops which are 10km and 15km from the starting point respectively.

NIM is sponsored by the Chinese Athletics Association, the Sports Bureau of Jiangsu Province and the Nanjing Municipal Government, and organized by Sports Bureau of Nanjing. The marathon spirit embodied by NIM integrates with people’s spiritual status and cultural traditions in Nanjing which become a striking new “city ID” for Nanjing.