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Key Disciplines

The Marxist Theory

The Marxist Theory (A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD) in Nanjing Normal University)

The discipline foundation

The discipline of Marxist theory in Nanjing normal university was selected as a provincial key discipline by the Jiangsu Provincial People's government in the period of the 9th, the 10th and the 11th five-year plan. In 2006 it won the right to grant doctoral degree and in 2007 it approved the establishment of post-doctoral mobile station. The “basic principles of Marxism” subject was selected by the academic degrees committee of the state council in 2007 for the national key discipline of the 11th five-year plan. This discipline was also selected in Phase I, Phase II of A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions.

The discipline of Marxist theory has an institute of Marxism awarded with key research base of Jiangsu province, and another institute named socialism theories with Chinese characteristics.

The discipline won No. 6 of this subject in 2012 the state council bachelor organization's assessment.

Team construction

The Marxist theory discipline in our University has formed a number of distinctive and outstanding research directions, such as the classics of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, the Basic Principles of Oriental Development, the Marxist Ideological Theory and the Construction of Socialist Mainstream Ideology, the Theory and Practice of Marxist Moral Construction, the Marxism and the Ideological Trend of Contemporary Western Society, the sinicization of Marxism and the contemporary Chinese socialist development.

There are many famous professors in this discipline, such as Pro. Xiaoxi Wang is awarded with the chief of the central Marxist theoretical research and construction project, Pro. Yonggui Wang is funded by National talents plan, three individuals served as the ministry of education teaching steering committee, three individuals enjoyed the special allowance of the state council, one person in the "pacesetter" plan and any other excellent talents.
There are 14 professors (included with distinguished professor by school) and 14 associate professors. Teachers with senior title accounted for more than 65 percent of total numbers. Among the team, there are 13 Doctoral tutors, 30 master tutors, and 60% of the team members have a Ph.D.

The personnel training

The Marxist theory discipline has been successively granted distinctive awards, for instance, the second, the third and the fourth session of “China College of Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award”, more than ten terms of the “Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award” issued by the provincial government, including first prize and the second prize.

Our discipline has very favorable conditions for studying and researching. Welcome the students from all over the world majoring in Marxist theory subject in our school to obtain the degree of Masters and Doctoral. At the same time, welcome all friends to work and study in our post-doctoral mobile stations of the Marxist theory.

The scientific research and social service

At present, the discipline is bearing some National Social Science Funding Projects, including 2 major projects, 2 key projects, and 6 general and youth projects. For example, The Economic Globalization and Chinese Mainstream Ideological Construction Research, Economic ethics thought history of China and so on.

The influential academic work, the Economic Globalization and the Research of Socialist Ideology Construction, written by our faculties, was selected into the first batch of "National Social Science Fund's achievements Library", which got the recognition of the Party and the State departments. Another academic work, the contemporary development of Eastern thought of Marxist classical writers, written by Pro. Liangzao Yu, was also selected into the "National Social Science Fund's achievements Library" in 2012.

Professors in team get No.2 for 3 times and No.3 once in Social science achievements from the ministry of education in this year. What’s more, they get No.1 for 2 times, No.2 for 3 times and No.3 once among the excellent social science achievements in Jiangsu province.

The discipline of Marxist theory could achieve scientific research funds over two million.

The discipline of Marxist theory has taken part in national meeting twice recently, such as "Marx's classic and contemporary socialism theory—the third china-japan socialist BBS" and "Marx,Engels and contemporary socialism to mark the 120th anniversary of the death of Engels international academic seminar".