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Key Disciplines

Sports Science

1.Discipline Basis
Nanjing Normal University (NNU) is one of the birthplaces of modern higher physical education in China. Physical Education, as the first specialized course, was set up by Nanjing Higher Normal School in 1916. In 1985, the School of Sports Science and Physical Education atNNU began to recruit postgraduate students. It offers doctoral degree programs as a “first-level discipline” (Sports Science) and has established a Sports Science postdoctoral program, social science research base of the General Administration of Sports of China, Jiangsu Research Center for Student Physical Health Promotion and other provincial research institutes. With its strong competitiveness in all aspects, it was selected as one of the Jiangsu Provincial Key Disciplines of the13th Five-Year Plan and a preponderant discipline of Jiangsu Province. The School of Sports Science and Physical Education provides an optimal environment for teaching and scientific research and is equipped with many professional teaching laboratories including the Sports Anatomy Laboratory. It has also been instrumental in establishing NNU’s Sports and Health Research Center and well-equipped modern stadiums.

2.Team Building
The School of Sports Science and Physical Education has gathered faculty members with good educational backgroundswith comprehensive strengths. 80% of the teaching staff have obtained a master or doctoral degree, including 70% professor and associate professor titles, 23 with doctoral degrees, 18 professors, 44 associate professors, 10 doctoral supervisors, 40 supervisors of master students, 25 with experience studying abroad and 12 full-time teachers earning the title “Master Sportsmen”. Research teams of Sports Science concerning a physical education curriculum, sports and health promotion, gymnastics and athletics have also been established at NNU.

3.Talent Cultivation
The schoolaims to cultivate those talented at sports who can embrace the future, keep fit and obey the school rules with an international vision, strong academic performance and creative thinking. A complete education system for undergraduate, postgraduates and post-doctoral fellows has already been set up and provides a good environment for students to studyand motivating them by means of encouraging innovation, creating more chances for communication. For a century, NNU’s Sports Science has enjoyed positive feedback and recognition.

4.Scientific Research
The school attaches great importance to scientific research. In the past 5 years, many projects have been awarded to the faculty, including 5 national projects, 26 provincial projects, 50 department-level projects and 6 company-funded scientific research projects, with research funds totaling approximately 3,000,000 yuan. The teaching staff have published about 10 monographs and textbooks and 130 papers as first authors or correspondent authors and have received 10 provincial awards for their scientific achievements.

5.International Exchange and Cooperation
The School has established a long termcooperation withcolleges, universities and scientific institutes from around the world, including Illinois State University and the Cooper Aerobic Center, in fields like talent cultivation, scientific research and social services. The China-US Youth Physical Health Promotion Research Center was founded jointly by the school and the research center of Dr. Cooper, who is the father of aerobic exercise and an American renowned physiologist. During the last 5 years, over 10 famousinternational experts have been invited by the school to give academic lectures.

6.Social Service
The teaching staff of the school are actively involved in formulating major policies, regulations and standards regarding the construction of sports power and a Healthy Chinaand providing services of social governance in sports. For the long term, they have undertaken the work to edit the Jiangsu Students’ Physical Health Blue Book, provide consultation services concerning school physical education for related departments, and other services in the fields of school physical education and competitive sports, through the application of their research results and technical support. In cooperation with the Education Department of Jiangsu, the School of Sports Science and Physical Education put forward a report regarding primary and middle school students’ physical health, which has been adopted by about 7,000primary and middle schools in Jiangsu Province. The school and sports associations in Jiangsu Province jointly formulated technical standards in sports and offer fitness and health monitoring and sports event services. Members of the school are also responsible for spot-checking and reviewing the report data of the national student physical health standard, provide referee and volunteer services for major sports events such as the Nanjing International Marathon, and carry out community health promotion services through the Sports and Health Laboratory.