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Key Disciplines


Mathematics (A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD) in Nanjing Normal University)

(1) Foundation in mathematical sciences

The mathematics discipline of Nanjing Normal University has been developing for more than 60 years. The computational mathematics has become a key discipline of Jiangsu Province in 1985 and the pure mathematics has become a key discipline of Jiangsu Province in 1988.

The School of Mathematical Sciences in Nanjing Normal University has PhD programs and can host postdoctorial researchers both in mathematics and statistics. The mathematics is one of the preponderant disciplines and the statistics is the key discipline from Jiangsu Province. The school has the key laboratory “Large-scale scientific computing for complex systems”; the “Jiangsu Provincial Information Security Technology Engineering Research Center”; the “Jiangsu Provincial Intelligent Information Processing and Software Engineering Laboratory”; as well as “Jiangsu Provincial joint Laboratory of Statistics and Financial Mathematics for Undergraduate Students”. The mathematics sciences is ranked 28th by the Ministry of Education of China in 2012 subjects assessment.

(2) Research Teams Strengths and Development

Currently, the mathematics sciences has six leading research teams: Partial differential equations and applications; Number theory and algebra; Scientific computing; Topology and dynamical systems; Graph theory and composition; Probability and statistics.

The faculty consits of some distinquished individuals in both research and teaching. including, one winner of CNSF Distinguished Young Scholars; one winner of Thousand Young Talent Scholar Plan; one winner of Thousand Talent Scholars Plan; one winner of national outstanding teachers; one winner of outstanding teachers in national education ministry. The school also havs one national recognized expert, two provincial recognized expert. Two young faculty are selected to the ‘Million Talent Project Plan’; four young faculty are selected to the ‘Jiangsu Province 333 Talent Training Plan’; five young faculty are selected to the ‘Jiangsu Province Better Faculty (so called Green and Blue) Plan’. The faculty also include two special appointed (endowed by Jiangsu province) professors; 38 full professors; 33 associate professor. The ratio of senior faculty to the junior ones is about 75%. The faculty who has PhD degrees are more than 95%. The PhD degrees of faculty are from prestigeous universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Paris XI in France, Texas A&M University in USA.

(3) Personnel Development

Our vision of faculty development is to build faculty teams with national and international recognitions; enforce the areas of our strengths; and create some leadership nationally and internationally.

The school of mathematics has established a successful educational system to training  undergraduate students all the way to post-doctoral studies. The system is called the one-stop professional training system. The Mathematics and Applied Mathematics majors are considered as national recognized areas with distinction. The school of mathematical sciences established the first university undergraduate teaching and training zones airming to bridge undergraduate and graduate core courses. The school has signed agreements with department of mathematics in China University of Sciences and Teachnologies (USTC) and Nanjing University to co-training undergraduate studnets. Each year, 20 undergraduate students from Nanjing Normal University in mathematics are selected to study at USTC and Nanjing University for one and half years, respectively.

The schoold of mathematical sciences admits about 15 PhD and 80 MS graduate students.

The school send about 8 PhD students to international prestigeous universities or institutions for one year to work with researchers overseas. The school has signed joint agreements with North Carolina State University (NCSU), Cleveland State University in US for study abroad programs.

(4) Research highlights and community services

The school aims to create a relaxed study and research enviroments; encourage innovation and exploration, and academic freedom. The school is well recognized in several research including number theory, homological algebra, numerical solution of differential equations, analysis of partial differential equations and fluid mechanics, Locale theory, graph theory, and several other fields.

In the past five years, the faculty from the school have published research papers in many prestigeous journal such as, Advances in Math., JDE, SIAM J. Math. Anal., Arch. Rational Mech. Anal., J. Functional Analysis, Proceedings of the London Math.Soc.,  and other well-known international journals. The faculty have published more than 600  SCI papers; 59 National Natural Science Fund projects with one focus project. The total funding is about 28.799 million yuan. There are 6 provincial research awards and honors. The school has hosted 8 international conferences/workshops. Many faculty has served in the national mathematical organizations including chair, vice chair, and secretaries positions. Many faculty also served as associate editors for a number of journals. The school has established long term research collaborations with several universities and institute both nationally and internationally.