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Key Disciplines


LAW(A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD) in Nanjing Normal University)

Introduction to the Law Discipline

After 30 years of development, Nanjing Normal University School of law has presented a good situation of comprehensive subjects, remarkable characteristic and balanced development. Approved by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council in 2006, the law school became the first ten law school that could grant doctorate in law. In the Ministry of Education discipline assessment, the law school ranked 13th in China. The law discipline was awarded honors such as Provincial First-class Key Discipline, Provincial First-class Key Discipline base for National Key Discipline (cultivation). In particular, the jurisprudence discipline was awarded national level National Key Discipline (cultivation). The law discipline also supported the first Postdoctoral Station in Law in Jiangsu Province. In 2011 and 2014, the law discipline was selected as “A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions”(PAPD). In 2015, The Institute for Chinese Legal Modernization Studies was established supported by the law school, and it became the only Think-Tank in law in Jiangsu. Besides that, the law school is the founder of Collaborative Innovation Center on Regional Rule-of-law Development in Jiangsu. The Research Center on Legal Development in Jiansu was selected as the research base of Philosophy and Social Science Research in Colleges and Universities in Jiangsu.

Faculty Development

Our law school has already developed different research areas with special features and edges, which include: philosophy of law and modernization of China’s legal system, regional rule of law development, modern judicial theory and judicial system, constitution, human rights and administrative law, criminal theory and criminal theory, and market economy and rule of law. Our research of philosophy of law and modernization of China’s legal system and research of modern judicial theory and judicial system have had nationwide influence. Professor Gong Pixiang won the “The National Ten Outstanding Young Jurists” honorary title. Professor Li Hao was elected as one of the chief experts for the project of studies and construction of Marxist theory. Professor Xia Jinwen won the Outstanding Contribution Award for the 333 Project in Jiangsu. And six of our professors won the “The Jiangsu Ten Outstanding Young Jurists” honorary title, three of our professors were elected as the Young academic leader of Qinglan Project, four of our faculty was selected as second level talents for 333 Project in Jiangsu, and another five faculty members was selected as the third level talents for 333 Project in Jiangsu. The Law School has already formed a faculty team with reasonable age structure, division of research area and allocation of professional titles. Now we have sixty-three faculty members, among which fifty-four members, accounting for 85%, are professor or associate professors. And three of our faculty members obtained their Doctoral degrees from prestigious universities overseas. (They got their degree from Washington University in St. Louis, University of Zurich and University of Freiburg respectively.)

Students Cultivation

Containing diverse courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students, our law school has already formed a coherent system for cultivating our students. Our four-year undergraduate cultivation plan has three patterns—pure law course, law course with one foreign language course, law course with medical course. The last two cultivation pattern already became national innovative pattern for undergraduate cultivation. And our law school is the only one national characteristic undergraduate-cultivation institution, as well as the only one Top-brand Discipline in law in Jiangsu, and is also one of the bases of first Batch “Excellent Legal Talents Cultivation Plan”. In regarding to the graduate programs, the law school has also development a satisfactory system, including the academic Master’s program, the professional Master’s program (which became the national experimental institution for the reform of professional Master’s program), and the Ph. D. program. With this kind of Students cultivation system, our students achieve great academic success. After 2010, 6 students won the Outstanding Thesis for Graduate Students and Outstanding Thesis for Doctoral Students.

Civil procedure Law, lectured by Professor Li Hao ,has been selected as national-level quality course, as well as national-level quality shared-course .Private International Law, using textbook in English, was once conduced bilingually. From 2010, the course has been lectured purely in English. Now, the course is selected as one of the quality graduate courses in Nanjing Normal University.

The law school provides the students with diversified study-abroad opportunities. We have conducted exchange-student program with universities around the world, such as Hokkaido University (Japan), Toin University of Yokohama (Japan), Swansea University (UK),Soochow University (Taiwan), Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan).., etc. Also, we have conducted  a “3+1+1 cooperative cultivation” program with Toin University of Yokohama  (Japan), Swansea University  (UK). Since 2011, there have been 8 Ph.D. students and 98 LL.M. students engaging in our program and studying abroad.

Starting 2003, our law school has cooperated with Maryland University  (United States) for the Criminal Justice Program. Now, 11 sessions have already been successfully conducted, and 201 students obtained their master’s degree from Maryland University.

Research Development and Social Service

Since 2010, the law school has awarded one significant biding project supported by National Social Science Foundation and fifteen new projects supported by National Social Science Foundation with four major projects in it. Our faculty and students also published 21 academic papers in top journals like Chinese Journal of Law and China Legal Science. The four volumes of General History of Marxist Legal Thoughts had published, which is the final product of three projects supported by National Press Fund, National Social Science Fund and national major planning publications of the 12th Five-Year Plan. One of our research attained the outstanding achievements in scientific research authorized by Ministry of Education, 24 were awarded as the provincial outstanding achievements, within which 3 was awarded as first prizes and 13 were awarded as second prizes. Since the 12th Five-Year Plan had launched, we had received funding for scientific research at the amount of 8,782,200, including latitudinal project funds at about 3,930,200. The research achievement of Professor Li Hao was affirmed in written statement by Sir Wang Junshen, the President of Supreme People’s Court. Professor Li’s another achievement was also affirmed by Xu Qianfei, President of High People’s Court in Jiangsu. The research achievement of Professor Li Jianming was affirmed by Mr. Li shaoping, Vice president of Supreme People’s Court. The research achievement of Professor Gong Tingtai was affirmed by Shi Taifeng, vice-secretary of the CPC Jiangsu province Committee, governor and secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Jiangsu Provincial Government. Besides that, our law school held five international conferences and forums. (Including Legal Forum of Graduate Students in Nanjing Normal University and Hokkaido university; 3rd Seminar of Civil Procedure Law between China and South Korea; International Symposium on Law and Society in China at the period of Ming-Qing,etc.)

Since 2012, the law school had consecutively published Annual Report on the Rule of Law in Jiangsu (Blue Book). The law school also accepted a commission from Nanjing Committee of the People’s Congress, assessing several local laws and regulations. The assessment we made was affirmed by local legislative institution. In addition, the law school had jointly organized High-level Forum in Rule of law with local government for eight years and carried out regional legal condition investigation in Jiangsu, where series of publications have been accomplishments.