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Key Disciplines

Geographic Sciences

Geographic Sciences (A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD) in Nanjing Normal University)

(1) Discipline Basis

Geographic Sciences includes geography mobile station for post-doctors, first level discipline and eight second level disciplines authorized to offer geography doctorate degree, and 13 second level disciplines authorized to offer geography master degree.

Geography is the dominant discipline in universities of Jiangsu Province. Cartography and GIS is national key discipline. Human geography is national key cultivating discipline, and physical geography is key discipline of Jiangsu province.

Our discipline has eight key laboratories and research centers in Jiangsu province, including key laboratories of Virtual Geographic Environments (Ministry of Education), Police Geographic Information Technology (Ministry of Public Security), Environmental Change and Ecological Construction of Jiangsu Province, Ecological Restoration Engineering Laboratory of Soil and Water Environment of Jiangsu Province, and also Engineering Centers of Marine Comprehensive Development and Ecological Engineering Construction of Jiangsu Province, Regional Development and Planning Research Center of Jiangsu Province.

Our discipline is the sixth best discipline according to the latest first level discipline assessment ranking. It reaches the top 20%.

(2) Team construction

The discipline has five distinctive research directions, including east Asia monsoon environment evolution and global change, regional spatial structure and intensive utilization of resources, environment effect of human activity and ecological construction, geographic modeling and geographic simulation and virtual geographic environment system.

The discipline has one Academician, one “Thousand-Talent Project” Distinguished Professor, two Yangtze River Scholars, three National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,, one winners of special support plan for National Prestigious Teachers
Geography discipline has 52 professors and 55 associate professors, which account for 65% of the total staff.

More than 90% of in-service teachers own the doctoral degree.

(3) Students Cultivation

Relying on national prestigious teachers and the teaching team, we strengthen personnel training work. We aim to train the most innovative talents and promote the construction of natural teaching center. We want to be a natural geographic talents training center which has important influence
We have two national-level teaching teams in modern natural geography and geographic information system. We have built four national-level excellent courses, two national-level excellent public courses and one national-level bilingual education demonstration course. We also have GIS as the national special major and geographic information as the brand major in Jiangsu province.

We have offered courses totally in English for doctors who has geography or geographic information major.

Every year we select and send more than ten undergraduate students or graduate students to study in Salzburg University for six months to a year
We have established with the University of Salzburg in Austria Geographic Information Center joint training dual degree program. We also joined the project of ERUSMUS“Geoservices-4-Sustainability” curriculum development.

(4) Scientific research and social service

In recent three years, we have obtained two National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China (973 Program), one National Science & Technology Pillar Program, one National Social Science Foundation of China (Major Program) and five National Natural Science Foundation of China (Key Program).
In recent three years, Professor Jian Liu has published a paper on Nature, Professor Hongbo Zheng has published two papers on PNAS and Professor Jinbo Zhang has published a paper on Scientific Report. Now we published more than 30 top SCI (top 10% or 20%) papers each year.

We got one second class prize of the State Natural Science Award, one first class prize of outstanding achievement in scientific research of the Ministry of Education and one second class prize of the National Sci-Tech Advance Award.

Scientific research funds are more than 62 million Yuan in recent three years.

The discipline actively serve the national and local economic development, makes a lot of contributions on ocean management and planning, regional development and planning, digital city construction, environmental quality evaluation and so on.

We have hold four international academic conferences and 67 teachers have attended international academic conferences in recent three years.