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Key Disciplines

Fine Arts

Fine Arts (A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD) in Nanjing Normal University)

(1) Discipline Fundamentals

The Fine Arts School at the Nanjing Normal University originated in the Department of Drawing and Handicraft at the Liangjiang Normal College founded in 1902. Now the department has a Fine Arts postdoctoral mobile station, a first-level D.A. in Fine arts authorization center, a first-level MA in Fine arts authorization center, a Master of Art authorization center, provincial key subjects and provincial leading subjects. It is a state-level training base for teaching talents, a laboratory jointly funded by central and local governments, a provincial experimental teaching demonstration center for fine arts and design, a state-level brand and characteristic disciplinary development center, a base for scientific research and a provincial key research base titled The Jiangsu Province Decision-making Consulting and Research Center. In the national evaluation of subjects for 2012, fine arts ranked 7th. According to the Wu Shulian Chinese University Ranking for Fine Arts for 2014, Nanjing Normal University ranked 4th.
The school comprises a unit for members of the Fine Arts Higher Education Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, a unit for directors of the Arts Education Committee under the China Artists Association, a unit for members of the New Fine Arts Course Training Panel under the Ministry of Education, a training center for fine arts teachers in primary and secondary schools in Jiangsu Province. The National Art Education Graduate Students Steering Committee has set the Secretariat for the Fine Arts and Artistic Design in the school that leads the industry with its expertise. Fine Arts at the Nanjing Normal University is a key subject in the 12th Five-year Plan of Jiangsu Province, ranking first in the province. The school is equipped with top art labs, a research base for intangible culture in Jiangsu, an oil painting studio, a Chinese painting and calligraphy facsimile center, a sculpting studio, a digital imaging lab, a fine arts research center, a research center for the core modules of fine arts education and a new exhibition hall for students to present their works.

(2) Team Development

There are three major research directions in this subject area: the history and theory of fine arts, artistic composition and fine arts education. A new theory centered upon the Intelligence of Art has been developed. Studies on techniques and methods are combined, paving a unique path in the field of artistic composition. Fine arts teaching enjoys a leading position in the subject area. Over 70% of the teachers in the school hold a master or doctor degree, which is outstanding among universities nationwide. There are 26 professors, 21 associate professors, 14 doctoral tutors and 27 postgraduate tutors. The faculty has 1 member of the Discipline Assessment Groups of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, 2 members of the National Art Education Graduate Students Steering Committee, 1 member of the Fine Arts Higher Education Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, 1 candidate of the 333 Cross-century Academic Leader Training Project, 1 Master Teacher of Jiangsu Province, 1 Hongguo Chair Professor, 1 School-level Ethical Role Model Teacher and 1 School-level Faculty.

(3) Personnel Training

The school has formulated a subject development and personnel training plan, aiming to foster artists for the new era. A personnel training system has been established, combining practice and theoretical research. The school runs provincial high quality courses on Gouache and Cursive Script and a provincial education reform project course on Thin Gouache Study. It has introduced courses including a primary and middle school backbone teachers training program Appreciation and Criticism, Comparison of Fine Arts Courses and an online course of Fine Arts Online. The school has developed an online training program for high school fine arts teachers in Jiangsu Province. In 2013, the course Curriculum Standards and Textbook Research for Secondary School Fine Arts Teaching was titled as a state-level high-quality public program for teacher training. The Innovation and Development of the Art Master Education System was granted the Second Prize for Teaching Achievements of Jiangsu Province for 2013. The school has offered two modules taught in English for postgraduates: Art and Ideas and Visual Language. In line with the international orientation of education, the school has been proactively cooperating and exchanging with foreign universities. Outstanding students have been selected for exchange in Russia or visit to North Carolina State University in the US. Multiple groups of fine arts teachers have been sent to the UK, France, the US, Japan, Russia and Italy for exchange where they have presented their works. Nearly 30 overseas scholars have been invited here to lecture and exchange ideas. The university has established long-term cooperating relationships with several overseas universities such as University of the Arts London, Texas School of the Arts in the US, Kookmin University in Korea and Swiss Sinar College.

(4) Scientific Research and Social Service

The subject has clear advantages and outstanding features. It was approved by the Ministry of Education to be one of the three Postgraduate Degree Education Comprehensive Reform Pilot Units. The faculty consists of teachers with excellent research skills. In recent years, many projects have been undertaken among which 7 are supported by the National Social Science Foundation, 6 by Provincial Social Science Foundation, 4 by the National Endowment for the Arts. Over 30 works by the teachers have been chosen for the National Fine Arts Exhibition and international art exhibitions, which have been displayed more than 50 times every year in large-scale exhibitions of international, national and provincial levels. There are more than 60 achievements in scientific research that have won provincial and higher-level awards, 19 textbooks that have been named provincial high quality textbooks, and over 160 papers published on national prestigious and core journals which have been granted multiple international, national and provincial prizes. A great number of excellent art works have been composed. The creation and research done by the teachers greatly improve the teaching quality, creating a system of research back feeding teaching. In recent years, 1 work won the iF Design Award, 9 have been collected by the National Art Museum of China and 1 by the Great Hall of the People. The influence in the sector has been expanding constantly. The school is proud to have several patented inventions and transferred achievements, contributing to the local economy. The subject has received funds of about 2 million yuan for a variety of researches.

Regarding teaching, artistic composition and scientific research, the faculty is first-rate compared with its counterparts. In 2014, 4 teachers were supported by the first National Endowment for the Arts, ranking first in Jiangsu. Works by the teachers of the faculty have received the most nominations and awards for fine arts in the 12th National Fine Arts Exhibition in 2014 among all universities in Jiangsu.