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Key Disciplines

Education Discipline

Education Discipline (A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD) in Nanjing Normal University)

(1) Discipline Fundamentals

Education discipline of Nanjing Normal University is a well-known discipline domestically and internationally with hundreds years of history. It has a post doctoral research station in education; doctoral program in education as the first-level discipline, which includes 12 second-level disciplines: the principles of education, the theory of curriculum and teaching, preschool education, the history of education, comparative education, higher education, adult education, occupation technology education, educational technology, moral education, aesthetic education, educational leadership and administration; doctor of education; 13 master degrees which includes educational principles, preschool education, the theory of curriculum and teaching, educational technology and so on; master of education in the 6 professional areas: educational administration, preschool education, primary school education, science and technology education, modern educational technology, occupation technology education; 5 bachelor degrees: preschool education, primary school education, educational technology, education and public affairs administration (educational administration).

The principles of education and the preschool education are two national key disciplines; and the theory of curriculum and teaching is the national key (cultivation) discipline. The education has the key (cultivation) discipline of the national first-level disciplines, the key discipline of Jiangsu province first-level disciplines, and the superiority discipline in Jiangsu province.   

The education discipline of Nanjing Normal University has several platforms and bases:  the humanities and social science research base of the Ministry of Education - Research Institute of Moral Education, the philosophy and social science research base of Jiangsu universities - Research Center of Society and Education, Jiangsu "2011 project" collaborative innovation center of talents cultivating modes in fundamental education, international research and training center of rural area education in Nanjing by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the basic education curriculum reform of the Ministry of Education - research center of Nanjing Normal University, the national college students’occupational development education research base, Jiangsu province high school general technology development base, Jiangsu province primary school science textbook development base, Jiangsu province innovation and academic communication center for graduate students in education, Research Institute of Teaching Instrument of the Ministry of Education - educational equipment research and training center.

The education discipline of Nanjing Normal University was ranked the 3rd in the national level of education discipline in the third round of the assessment organized by Ministry of education in 2012.

(2) Construction of the Team

The discipline sets up the research institutions of educational science, educational theory, preschool education, curriculum and teaching technology education, educational leadership and administration, e-Education, educational information engineering, visual culture, etc. Its research areas involve educational basic theories and research methods, preschool education, curriculum and teaching, educational technology application, etc.

In the discipline team, Professor Jie Lu was awarded for the Jiangsu Province famous social scientist; Professor Tianjun Cheng was selected for Changjiang Scholar professor; Professor Jianghua Wang was selected for the national outstanding talents by national special support program. In addition, more than 10 people have received the second-level candidates of the provincial "333" program, the new century’s excellent talents by Ministry of Education, Jiangsu province "Qinglan" project’s young academic leaders, Jiangsu province "ShuangChuang" talents and so on.

Currently, there are 116 members in the discipline, including 106 people with senior titles, accounting for 91%. Almost 20 people hold the doctoral degrees from the well-known universities domestically and internationally, including the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; University of Florida, US; University of Western Australia; Beijing Normal University; East China Normal University and so on.

(3) Personnel Cultivation

Following the idea of “stabilizing the scale, improving the quality, focusing on the innovation, and strengthening the brand”, the discipline formulates the personnel cultivation strategies according to the undergraduate and graduate students’characteristics, respectively. At the same time, it lays emphasis on the outstanding talents cultivation of innovation and internationalization; it actively explores the personnel cultivation mode and the new path, and the cultivated personnel are popular among the enterprises and have been praised by the society.

The discipline has the national characteristic major (primary school education), the key educational major of Jiangsu province (primary school education, preschool education, and educational technology), the flagship major of Jiangsu province (preschool education). "The construction of children's moral life: primary school moral education curriculum reform and practice research" by professor Lie Lu was awarded the first prize of national teaching achievement. In recent years, a total of four courses have been selected into the national excellent courses, and one course has received the national bilingual course construction project. It opens three courses taught in English for graduate students. It also organized the international courses program - "Asian leader course" in collaboration with Tohoku University, Korea University, National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan Chengchi University.

The number of foreign students and international exchanging students in the discipline has been increased dramatically in recent years. The students from more than 20 countries come here to study, and the number of international exchanging and visiting students is nearly 100.  The discipline establishes a cooperative mechanism for students exchanging with the universities from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Hongkong and Taiwan. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, nearly a hundred graduate students study overseas, and a number students have been admitted to Harvard University, Yale University, Cambridge University and other universities for further studies.  It collaborates with UNESCO, United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF), Harvard University, the Chinese University of Hongkong, Tohoku University in Japan, Chungnam National University in Korean, University of Glasgow in UK, Norway Signo Fund and other international well-known institutions, and has achieved the anticipated results.

(4) Research and Community Services

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the discipline presides over 23 national projects, 60 provincial projects, 6 projects with overseas cooperation. The total funds of national and provincial projects amounted to 10.8 million yuan from government funding source, and the funds from non-government sources amounted to 20.4 million yuan.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, members of the discipline wrote 59 books being published by People's Education Press, Higher Education Press, Educational Science Press, etc. Nearly 60 papers were included in the journals of SCI, SSCI, AHCI, EI, etc., and the highest cited number is about 72. In addition, nearly 60 papers were published on the journals of “Ministry of Education Briefing (University Think Tank Special Issue)”, “Xinhua Digest”, “Educational Research”, “Journal of East China Normal University”, “Educational Research and Experiments”and so on. Twenty outstanding achievements of provincial level and above have been awarded, three of which are the first prize.

Professor Jie Lu was awarded the outstanding contribution award of the National Educational Science research. Professor Kangning Wu’s “Early Planning for the Balanced Development of Provincial Compulsory Education: A National Strategy”was included in “Ministry of Education Briefing (University Think Tank Special Issue)” and approved by the state council, and become the basis of the relevant documents for formulating the strategy for national education development.

The discipline has undertaken 30 national professional development projects for Ministry of Education’s moral education teachers, primary school science teachers, general technology teachers, integrative practical activities curriculum teachers, headmaster and others; and the participants of these projects are from all of the provinces in China including Xinjiang Construction Corps. It’s been listed as the training base of “Technology education and Innovative personnel cultivation”by the Normal Education department of Ministry of Education. The textbooks of primary school and middle school written by the discipline’s members are widely used nationwide,  and the number of people use is over 90 million.

The discipline has hosted and sponsored “the 37th academic colloquium of the international moral education”, “the 6th Annual Conference of Asia Pacific moral education – the 40th anniversary commemoration of Journal of Moral Education”, “International Children’s Drama conference”, “International Conference of Children’s picture books and children education”,“International Conference of Asia Pacific Technology Education”, “International Chuangke Education summit forum”and other high-level international conferences and forums. It has an extensive influence domestically and internationally.