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Key Disciplines

Chinese Language and Literature

Chinese Language and Literature (A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD) in Nanjing Normal University)

Rated as A-level key discipline in Jiangsu province, the Chinese Language and Literature of Nanjing Normal University is known for its abundant cultural accumulation and its solid strength in scientific research. The Modern Chinese Literature is even listed a key discipline of China. To cater for the requirements on the economic construction and cultural development in Jiangsu and even in China, this discipline lays equal importance on basic research and practical application, with special efforts spared to the construction of secondary disciplines. Since establishment of the construction of a preponderant discipline, we have upheld the principles for the discipline construction, focused on the key research fields and strengthened our development advantages, thus registering further improvement in the overall strength of the discipline.

(1) Discipline Basis

Currently set as a national A-level key point for discipline development in Jiangsu and a provincial A-level discipline, Chinese Language and Literature is made up of 8 discipline subdivisions: Modern Chinese Literature (national key discipline), Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Classic Chinese Literature, Literary Theory, Comparative Literature, World Literature and Applied Stylistics. In 2015, it ranked 12 (in parallel) among the national ranking as issued by the China Academic Degrees Graduate Education Development Center.

This discipline has set up 1 key research base of social science of philosophy at the ministerial/provincial level, 1 key research base of social science of humanities at the provincial level, 1 key research base of Jiangsu's culture; as well as 1 modern teaching lab, 1 “Linguistic Scientific Experimental Center” and 1 linguistic information technology lab. Also, the discipline has researched and developed on its own software such as the “Computer Retrieval System for Whole Poetry of Song Dynasty”, “Computer Retrieval System for Whole Poetry of Jin and Yuan Dynasty” and “Multi-media Appreciation of Poetry Masterpieces of All Dynasties”. What’s more, the discipline has participated in the construction of online resources such as Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature and Twenty-five Histories, joined in the development of digital resources such as “Electronic Historical Database of Chinese Literature Works”, and built up the CIPP-Chinese Information Processing Platform, Linguistic Technology Platform and Linguistic Technological Education Platform.

(2) Team Construction

Following the latest findings in language and literature and other relevant disciplines of all countries in the world and passing down the excellent tradition of Chinese language and literature, this discipline will properly seize the basic characteristics and developing trend of Chinese language and literature and have a deeper understanding and study of languages and literatures of other nations in the world. We have been successively awarded such national/provincial prizes as the National Teaching Team of Literature Bases, Branded Major in Jiangsu, and Technological Innovation Team of the “Blue Project” in Universities of Jiangsu.

Currently, we have 94 full-time teachers, 42 professors(45% of all) and 43 vice professors(46% of all), with 31 holding doctoral degrees issued by renowned domestic and international universities, such as University Paris Diderot - Paris 7, Nagoya University, Peking University, Nanjing University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University.

Among all our full-time teachers, we have 1 distinguished professor of the “Changjiang Scholars Program” by the Ministry of Education, 2 national famous teachers, and 1 member of the “New Century Talent Supporting Project”. One is nominated the candidate for mid-aged/young academic leader of the “Blue Project” of Jiangsu, 1 as candidate for excellent young backbone teacher of the “Blue Project” of Jiangsu, 4 as candidates of the “333 Project”, 1 as candidate for excellent mid-aged/young academic leader of the “Blue Project”, and 3 as candidate for excellent young backbone teachers of the “Blue Project”.

(3) Talent Cultivation

At present, this discipline has been recognized as the base for talent cultivation and scientific research in China’s basic disciplines of literature, national demonstration area for talent cultivation mode, national features construction point of Chinese language and literature, national base of teaching Chinese as a second language, and Chinese education base of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. Taking the opportunity of the undergraduate teaching assessment, the discipline will develop new-century talents featuring good character, profound knowledge basis, outstanding innovation, versatile skills and strong capacities. A system integrating "reading, studying and writing” all in one has been shaped for the undergraduate education.

To date, it has established 2 national elite courses, 2 national elite public courses online, and 2 provincial-level elite courses. Besides, it has published 42 textbooks, 2 listed as the textbooks for the “12th Five-year Plan”, 1 “Top 100 Doctoral Theses of China” and 1 provincial-level excellent doctoral thesis, with 1 teaching program awarded the National First Prize, 1 awarded the Provincial/Ministerial First Prize, 1 awarded the Provincial/Ministerial Second Prize, and 1 awarded the Special Prize of the 17th Outstanding Teaching Achievement of our university.

To comply with the strategy to construct “premiere university and top-notch disciplines”, joint education, program cooperation, scholar exchange and academic communication have been promoted in this discipline with universities of all countries. In 2015, we employed Mr. Wu Moting, professor of the Terza Università degli Studi di Roma and director of European Research Association for Red Mansion Dream,as our guest professor. Mr. Gu Wentao of this discipline has been serving as associate editor of PHONETICA, an international authoritative periodical in phonetics listed in both SCI and SSCI, since 2014. In 2015, Pro. Tan Guilin was granted the Japan-China Academic Funding Project “On Literary Creation of Ikeda Daisaku” by the Soka University of Japan. From 2014 to 2015, we have ushered in 1 talent returning from the University Paris Diderot - Paris 7 and sent 6 Chinese mid-aged/young teachers to pursue further study in renowned overseas universities such as the Harvard University and the Cambridge University. From 2013 to 2015, totally 67 graduate students have been to the US, New Zealand, South Korea and Thailand for study and communication, while from 2010 to 2015, 33 students have come for study or communication from abroad. Through combination of the strategies of “Going outside” and “Inviting in”, the discipline has increased its influence overseas.

(4) Scientific Research and Social Service

Teachers of this discipline have strong academic strengths and cutting-edge academic eyesight, which provides strong scientific support for the in-class teaching. As of the day, it has 7 major bidding programs related to social science in China, 3 national key projects, 31general projects and youth-oriented projects, 43 provincial/ministerial projects and 2 scientific research projects sponsored by international organizations. It has published 30 theses as listed by CSSCI in China, and 26 listed by overseas institutes, 1 by SSCI, 11 by EI and 2 by AHCI. Totally it has published 77 academic monographs, with 2 granted national first prize, 3 granted provincial/ministerial first prize, 9 granted provincial/ministerial second prize and 1 rated as national excellent doctoral thesis.
Totally RMB6 mln is budgeted for the construction of preponderant disciplines, with RMB3 mln already handed out for proper use, which guarantees the construction and development of preponderant disciplines.

The discipline of Chinese Language and Literature has been committed to passing down the excellent traditional culture of China. The debut ceremony for the revision of Historical Records, as hosted by Pro. Zhao Shengqun, was staged at the same time in 31 bookstores of 25 cities in the world. Pro. Dong Zhiqiao performed a series of preparations for the overall revision of the Chinese Dictionary. Pro. Chen Shulu served as editor-in-chief for the “Collection of Folks of All Dynasties of China”. Each year the discipline puts enormous manpower and materials to well serve the provincial test for talent selection. Pro. Li Bo is a renowned lecture giver on the Lecture Room program of CCTV.

This discipline has hosted and participated in 88 academic meetings both at home and abroad. The 8th National Academic Seminar of Semantics joined by the Linguistics and Applied Linguistics disciplines is the first gathering at the presence of major semantics experts in the international field. The Chinese Language and Literature hosted the 8th International Academic Seminar for Linguistics of Chinese Buddha Classics. The Collection of Study on Ancient Literature as established by Classic Chinese Literature has been spoken highly by scholars both at home and abroad. Pro. Gu Wentao once served as chairman of the international academic meeting of TAL 2012, jointly hosted by ISCA and IPA.

In a word, against the proper leadership of the leaders and with joint cooperation and hard-working of all teachers and staffs, the construction of a preponderant discipline of Chinese Language and Literature has made progress in all aspects, which has made a steady and solid stride to the goal of “building a peak discipline, cultivating excellent talents, generating considerable achievement, and leading the economic and social development”.