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Key Disciplines


Biology (A Project Funded by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD) in Nanjing Normal University)

(1) Discipline Basis

The Biological Academic Team of Nanjing Normal University dates back to the Agronomy of Sanjiang Normal Institute (established in 1902), Biology of Private Jinling Women University (1915) and Soochow University (1912). With more than a century developing, right now it has the first level doctor’s degree program in Biology, master’s degree program in Aquaculture and the second level master’s degree program in Microbiology, Biochemical Pharmacy, Agriculture (fishery) and Pharmaceutical Engineering.

The Biological Academic Team has a state key team (Zoology), its Plant and Animal Science research field is ranked in the top 1 percent of the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) and its Biology and Cell Biology are provincial key team. From 2011 to now, it has been funded by a project to the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD, first and second developing projects). This team also has 8 province key labs, the value of their equipment is more than 60 million Yuan RMB. Besides, its affiliated lab center is titled as the provincial model lab center, training center and national science popularization base.

In the latest ranking result of National Education Department, our discipline is the 26th best discipline.

(2) Team construction

The Biological Academic Team focuses on and is characterized at 5 research directions: biodiversity protection and molecular evolution, bio-resource sustainable utility, microbe biotechnology, molecular mechanism of selected human serious diseases, and medicine target & new medicine. It is a key base in Jiangsu province of fundamental biology research, technology innovation, product proliferation, policy consulting and expertise source.
Till now, there are 130 faculty and staff in the Team, including 87 full-time teachers, among which, professors count for 45, associate professors 26. Among them, more than 50 researchers have been titled as different level talent honors or awards, such as Young Scientist of outstanding achievement of China, One-Hundred Project expert under Chinese Academy of Sciences, New Century Excellent Talents Project of ministry of education, “3-3-3 project” of Jiangsu Province, Six-Top Talents and "blue engineering" of Jiangsu Province, and so on.

The faculty and staff here have very excellent and broad education background. Most of them achieved their master or doctor degree at famous Chinese or abroad universities, like Beijing University, Beijing Normal University, Nanjing University, Nankai University, etc.

(3) Students Cultivation

The Biological Academic Team has established whole education system for undergraduates and graduates (master and doctor), and provides 4 major directions: Biological Science (titled as the base for Basic Sciences (Biology) research and for teaching-talents training in nationwide, National Characteristic Major), Biotechnology, Bioengineering and Marine Resource Utility. The former major achieved a fund by Jiangsu Province for Brand Major in high Education in 2015.

All undergraduates can re-select their major directions at junior grade based on their own interesting and developing plans or aims. Therefore, they can be future talents in biological researching, teaching, biotechnology innovating and bio-products engineering.

The Biological Academic Team has constructed a long serious of disciplines, textbooks and educational sources for the students. Some of them has been awarded various of titles, such as national bilingual model course (Microbiology), Jiangsu Excellent Course (Microbiology, Zoology) and Jiangsu Excellent Teaching Project, etc.

In recent 5 years, the Team enhanced and expanded its students global educating and training experiences. For that purpose, several courses (like immunology, Cell biology) now are teaching in English, more students are being sent to abroad, and deeper cooperation is under building between the Team and foreign counterparts.

The scientific researching in the Team has been improved greatly in recent couple of years. In latest 5 years, it has achieved several national and provincial awards. Each year, the faculty in the team can publish more than 130 SCI articles, some of them are accepted by international top journals, for instance, Molecular Cell、Hepatology、Systematic Biology、Nature Communications、PNAS、ISME Journal、Diabetes、Journal of Pathology. During this time, the Team has been funded by more than 100 grants, some of them are key and grand projects, like grant for Young Scientist of outstanding achievement of China, One-Hundred Project expert under Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Ordinary and Key Grants). Besides, some researchers in the Team can get big funds from private cooperation. The biggest one involves ten million Yuan RMB.

(4) Scientific research and social service

The Team has active academic activities and exchanges. Every year, more than 50 distinguished scholars and researchers visit here and 20 plus faculties in the Team go abroad or attend national and international academic meetings. Here is also a very important host and base for symposiums, conferences, meetings and workshops on biology and life sciences. A long serious of academic activities performed here recently, for example, the 11th symposium on wild animal ecology and resource protection, the 5th symposium on animal physiological ecology, the 2nd forum on biotechnology and developing biology (2015 annual meeting) and the 7th conference on Chinese type fungi.