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Yongzhong Song


Yongzhong Song, Doctor of Science, Professor, and Doctoral Supervisor, is currently Chancellor of Nanjing Normal University. Professor Song is also member of CPPCC National Committee and member of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Professor Song graduated from the Department of Mathematics, Nanjing Normal University, in January 1982, with a Bachelor of Science degree. In December 1984, he graduated from post-graduate program in Nanjing Normal University majoring in computational mathematics, and received Master of Science degree from Nanjing University. In June 2002, he graduated from Nanjing University’s graduate school majoring in computational mathematics and received his Doctor of Science degree. From October 1989 to April 1991, and from February 1997 to January 1998, he worked as visiting scholar at Humboldt University in Berlin and the University of Karlsruhe in Germany.

Professor Song is engaged in the discipline of computational mathematics, particularly in the field of numerical algebra and algebraic-numerical solution of differential equations. He has led researches of three projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, two general projects funded by the Jiangsu Province Natural Science Foundation, one key project funded by the Jiangsu Province Natural Science Foundation, one special project funded by the Ministry of Education for National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Authors, and five projects in other categories. He has also led researches for four education and management projects, and participated in researches for nine projects funded by National or Jiangsu Province Natural Science Foundation. He has published more than 110 research papers on Chinese and international academic journals, and over 20 papers on university administration. He also published a book entitled University Transformation and Development: Collection of Essays on University Administration (Jiangsu Education Press, April 2012). He has won four Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Awards, two Grand Prize and one First Prize of Jiangsu Provincial Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award, and two Second Prize of National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award. His doctorate dissertation was recognized as National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation.

Professor Song is among the first group of experts in State Talents Project (national level), Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Experts in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province "Project 333” for High Level Talents (Tier 2 of Phase II), first group of Young and Middle-aged Academic and Technological Leaders of “Project333”, and candidate for Jiangsu Province’s "New Century University Academic Leaders". He won titles of “Outstanding Young Faculty Members of Universities in Jiangsu Province” (1st and 2nd group). He was recognized as Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker in Jiangsu Province, Excellent Graduate Student Supervisor in Jiangsu Province, and Excellent CPC Member at Universities in Jiangsu Province. Since 1994, he has received special government allowances offered by the State Council.

Professor Song is also appointed by the Ministry of Public Security as Special Supervisor. He also works as member of the National Postdoctoral Program Management Committee, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Computational Mathematics, Vice President of the Society of Higher Education Administration of Chinese Association of Higher Education, Vice Chairman of Local University Branch of Chinese Association of Higher Education, member of Academic Degrees Committee of Jiangsu Province, Editor-in-chief of Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization, editor of University Computational Mathematics, Vice Chairman and editor of Scientific Computing and Software Instruction Series published by the Science Press, member of editorial board of Information and Computing Science Series, Director of Jiangsu Province Large-scale Complex Systems Simulation Laboratory, and leader of the Academic Team of Jiangsu Province Natural Science Foundation.