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Insights into the assembly of the tombusvirus replicase

Thursday, 2017, April 13 - 10:00

Prof. Peter Nagy Prof. Peter Nagy, professor at the Department of Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky, is a world authority on RNA virus replication and recombination. Plus-...


Compressive sensing – basics, state of the art, and advances in electromagnetic engineering

Wednesday, 2017, April 12 - 14:00

(Photo courtesy of ELEDIA Research Center) Professor Andrea Massa is the director of the ELEDIA Research Center with a staff of more than 40 researchers located in the network of...


Nanoscale Metal-Organic Frameworks: Emerging Materials for Catalysis

Monday, 2017, April 10 - 15:30

Photo courtesy of National Center for Nanoscience and Technology 1989-1996 M.S.&B.S., Department of Environmental Chemistry, Wuhan University, China 1996-2000 Ph.D., Changchu...


Development of New Synthetic Methods

Thursday, 2017, April 6 - 14:00

Loh Teck Peng Loh Teck Peng obtained his PhD under the supervision of Prof. E. J. Corey at Harvard University in 1994. During 1994 to 2005, he did his independent research in...


Self-Mixing Interferometry

Friday, 2017, March 31 - 10:00

Prof Silvano Donati is a IEEE LIfe Fellow and OSA Meritorious Fellow. He is a Full Professor at the University of Pavia since 1980. His areas of expertise are self-mixing...


Hidden effects of logging and land use change of tropical forests: a soil DNA approach

Thursday, 2017, March 30 - 15:30

(photo courtesy of Seoul National University) Prof. Jonathan Adams is now a visiting professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was an associate professor of School of...


Applications of Blockchain technology in education and research issues

Sunday, 2017, March 26 - 15:30

(Photo courtesy of Taiwan Sun Yat-sen University) Dr. Nianshing Chen is Professor in the Department of Information Management at the Taiwan Sun Yatsen University. Prof. Chen is...


Antibody humanization and computational structural analysis

Thursday, 2017, March 23 - 10:00

( courtesy of Dartmouth College ) Christopher Bailey-Kellogg, professor of computer science, earned a BS/MS with Sandy Pentland at MIT and Bruce Flinchbaugh at Texas Instruments;...


Irish Culture Day

Wednesday, 2017, March 15 -
13:00 to 15:30

13:00 Audience Admission 13:35-13:55 Irish Culture performance, session 1 13:55-14:05 Chinese culture performance by NNU students 14:05-14:20 Irish Culture performance, session 2...


Design Lecture - Touch Me

Friday, 2017, March 10 - 14:00