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Modern physics, gravitational wave and astronomical satellite

Tuesday, 2017, November 21 - 15:30

Shuangnan Zhang Shuangnan Zhang is the director of Particle Astrophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), researcher of Institute of High Energy Physics in CAS, lead...


Organometallics and cage compounds

Sunday, 2017, November 19 - 14:30

Guoxin Jin Guoxin Jin was born in April 1959. He studied chemistry at Nanjing University and received his M.S. in organic chemistry in 1984 and his Ph.D. degree in inorganic...


Analysis and control of power network source

Friday, 2017, November 17 - 15:30

Jilai Yu Professor Jilai Yu is a doctoral supervisor and director of Electric Power Science and New Technology Research Institute in Harbin Institute of Technology, who are also...


Control of Blood Coagulation and Microbial Infection by Biomimetic Surface Modification

Wednesday, 2017, November 1 - 15:30

Lichong Xu Lichong Xu is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Applied Biomedical Engineering in Department of Surgery at Penn State University, USA. He has a Ph.D. from The...


Mechanisms of Thrombosis on Synthetic Biomaterial Surfaces

Wednesday, 2017, November 1 - 14:30

Christopher Siedlecki Christopher Siedlecki is Professor of Surgery and Bioengineering at Penn State University, USA. He has a Ph.D. from Case Western University. Dr. Siedlecki...


Education and Relational Being

Wednesday, 2017, October 25 - 14:30

Kenneth J. Gergen Kenneth J. Gergen, Ph.D., is a founding member, President of the Taos Institute and Chair of the Board, and the Mustin Professor of Psychology at Swarthmore...


Plant virus research in Singapore

Thursday, 2017, October 19 - 10:30

Sek Man WONG Sek Man WONG is a profossor at Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore. Research Areas Plant pathology, virology, molecular biology,...


Geometric analysis of analytic Toeplitz operators

Friday, 2017, September 29 - 14:00

Kunyu Guo Kunyu Guo, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, was the dean of Fudan University School of Mathematical Sciences. His research interest include Differential Geometry,...


Numerical and Experimental studies of Particulate Materials

Monday, 2017, September 11 - 16:15

Chunlei Pei Chunlei Pei is currently a postdoctoral research associate in Macromolecular Materials Laboratory, Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy, University of...