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High Capacity Optical Information Technology Mediated By Surface Plasmons

Friday, 2017, June 16 - 14:30

Xiangping Li Surface plasmons (SPs) propagating along the interface between metals and dielectrics are capable of tailoring light matter interaction at the nanoscale, which...


The application of team science in functional food research

Friday, 2017, June 9 - 13:30

Shengmin Sang Dr. Shengmin Sang, associate professor specializing in functional foods, researches dietary exposure markers using metabolomic approaches, with the goal of...


Toward systems ecology of cyanobacterial blooms: integrating driving factors and ecophysiology at the systems level

Friday, 2017, June 9 - 10:00

Huansheng Cao Dr. Huansheng Cao is the research assistant professor of the Center for Fundamental and Applied Microbiomics and Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University...


Optical Imaging of Nanoscale Chemical and Biological Processes

Monday, 2017, June 5 - 10:00

Ning Fang Education BS: Xiamen University, China, 1998 PhD: University of British Columbia, 2006 (Advisor: Dr. David D.Y. Chen) Post-Doc: Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory...


Juefu Gao Lecture Room: Guilt and social behaviors

Tuesday, 2017, May 30 - 15:00

Xiaolin Zhou Dr. Xiaolin Zhou is a professor of psychology, a member of the University Council, and the Director of the Center for Brain and Cognitive Sciences at Peking...


School operations and management

Wednesday, 2017, May 24 - 09:00

Philip Westbrook Dr. Philip Westbrook, professor of educational leadership, policy and technology studies at The University of Alabama, has been named director of the UA Blackburn...


Alumni: The stories between me and the library

Wednesday, 2017, May 24 - 15:30

Zhu Xiao Di Zhu Xiao Di is a Chinese-American writer. He authored a novel, Tales of Judge Dee , and a biographical work, Thirty Years in a Red House: A Memoir of Childhood and...


DNA damage recognition, signaling and repair

Tuesday, 2017, May 23 - 10:00

Grigory Dianov Biography: 2007/09-up to now, Oncology department, Oxford Univerity, UK, Professor 2000/09-2007/09, MRC Radiation & Genome Stability Unit, Oxon, UK, MRC Senior...


Atomic Layer Deposition of Sc2O3 as high-k dielectrics

Monday, 2017, May 22 - 15:30

Bin Xi Bin Xi received a bachelor's degree at Nankai University(2003), a doctor's degree at Purdue University(2009) and engaged in postdoctoral research at Harvard University from...


A Control Strategy Using Dynamic Demand Control for Power System Frequency Regulation

Thursday, 2017, May 18 - 15:00

Fangxing Li Professor Li has been a faculty member since 2005 (James W. McConnell Professor in 2017, Professor in 2016, Associate Professor in 2011, Assistant Professor in 2005)...