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Thermal transport control through transforming method: from thermal cloak, thermal concentrator, to thermal camouflage

Wednesday, 2017, July 12 - 10:00

Baowen Li Baowen Li is a Rennie Family Endowed Professor at University of Colorado and the Director of the Centre for Phononics and Thermal Energy Science at Tongji University...


Cigarette smoke and lung/lung vascular endothelial cell injury

Monday, 2017, July 10 - 10:00

Qing Lu Dr. Qing Lu, D.V.M., Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Medicine (Research) at Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Providence VA Medical Center. Dr. Lu's research...


Molecular Mechanisms block malaria transmission

Monday, 2017, July 3 - 14:30

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2010-present Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma. Research area: host-pathogen relation...


From New Synthetic Methods to Natural Products Synthesis and Drug Discovery

Friday, 2017, June 30 - 10:00

Weiping Tang Dr. Weiping Tang joined the faculty of University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2007. His lab focuses on synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and chemical...


Performance by Zambian Chinese Government Scholarship winners

Thursday, 2017, June 29 - 15:00

Chinese Government Scholarship Program for Zambian Students specializing in music is promoted by governments of both China and Zambia. After an active declaration, NNU is selected...


How do American postgraduates study and research

Thursday, 2017, June 22 - 16:00

Roger C. Shouse Roger C. Shouse has been an educator for 35 years. He spent a year as a visiting professor at Taiwan's National Pingtung University of Education and is currently...


Prediction and language processing

Wednesday, 2017, June 21 - 10:30

Edith Kaan Language users are predictive processors: listeners and readers continuously anticipate what comes next in the text or speech stream. This in spite of the assumption...


UA admission criteria for graduate programs (Master’s, Doctoral & Eds)

Monday, 2017, June 19 - 14:00

Joy Burnham Dr. Joy Burnham is the Director of International Programs in the College of Education and Professor in Counselor Education in the Department of Educational Studies,...


Structural Equation Models and Applications (with one example applied in Educational Administration)

Monday, 2017, June 19 - 14:00

Randy Shumaker Dr. Randall E. Schumacker is a Professor, Educational Research, who received his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University in 1984. He is currently teaching courses...


What Best Practices Aren’t: Identifying Evidence Based Practices

Monday, 2017, June 19 - 14:00

Peter Hlebowitsh Dr. Peter Hlebowitsh Dean of the College of Education at the University of Alabama. Previously, he was Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the University...