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Was the Universe Designed? Confessions of a Practicing Scientist

Tuesday, 2016, November 8 - 18:30
NNU Library, NNU office of Communications
Scott Chambers

(Photo courtesy of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

How and why did our universe come into existence? Why is our planet they way that it is? Is life the inevitable outcome of chemical reactions occurring without direction? These and related questions have motivated much thinking and research over the course of human history. The answers are very important, not only for science, but also for how we think about ourselves and our place in the universe. In the lecture, we will explore these and other fascinating questions, drawing on our growing knowledge of how the universe works and what this reveals about its origin.

Dr. Scott Chambers is a Laboratory Fellow and the Technical Group Leader in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. His current interests focus on the deposition and properties of complex metal oxide films and heterostructures. Such materials are of significant interest in a variety of scientific and technological arenas, including oxide electronics, spintronics, and photocatalysis. Of specific interest is modification of electronic, magnetic, optical, and photochemical properties by controlled doping and solid solution formation, with an eye toward novel behavior that could give rise to new and useful technologies based on oxides. His film deposition methods of choice are molecular beam epitaxy and off-axis pulsed laser deposition, assisted by activated oxygen from an oxygen plasma generator or ozone.
He has authored or coauthored 285 peer reviewed scientific papers, review articles and book chapters, and has given 210 invited lectures at universities, research laboratories and conferences worldwide. He holds three U.S. patents.