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The Writing Essentials of Economics and Management Academic Papers

Friday, 2019, March 15 -
09:30 to 11:00
Business School of Nanjing Normal University
Jinhua Li

Jinhua Li

Jinhua Li, Ph.D. in Economics and Fullbright Visiting Scholar at University of South California. He is currently a researcher at the Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, an executive deputy editor of the Journal of Quantitative Economics and Technology, an associate editor of the Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economic, the standing vice president and secretary-general of Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics and the expert reviewer of  National Social Science Fund, and he is awarded special government allowances by the State Council.  He has presided over 6 projects including projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Social Science Fund, and the major projects of China Academy of Social Sciences. He has written 4 academic monographs, edited or co-edited 10 textbooks, and published 250 academic articles in journals like Social Sciences in China, International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (SCI) and International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics. 10 of his articles were reprinted by Xinhua Digest and Chinese Social Science Digest.