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Solution and Solid in Situ NMR Investigation of Polymerization Processes and Supermolecular Assembling of Polymers

Friday, 2018, November 2 - 10:00
Prof. Mingming Guo


Mingming Guo

During February of 1978 to February of 1982, Mingming Guo obtained bachelor's degree and master's degree in Polymer from the Department of Chemistry, Nanjing University. From March of 1985 to September of 1987, Prof. Guo received doctoral degree in the Department of Materials from Fudan University. From July of 1990 to April of 1992, he went to University of Hamburg as a visiting scholar. From May of 1993 to September of 1994, he worked as research assistant professor of New York University. During October of 1994 to June of 2013, he was appointed as director of the University of Akron. During March of 2013 to March of 2018, he served as chief expert of Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry of Sinopec, senior expert and deputy chief enginerer of Sinopec. From March of 2018 to now, he is professor of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Southwest University.