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Rapid evolution of new essential gene functions under sexual selection and sexual conflict

Monday, 2018, October 15 - 09:30
School of Life Sciences, Nanjing Normal University
Manyuan Long


Manyuan Long

Manyuan Long serves as Distinguished Service Professor at Univerisity of Chicago and Chang Jiang Adjunct Professor at Peking University. Professor Manyuan Long started a systematic study of the origin of new genes as a pioneer. He has published more than 20 papers in journals like Science,Nature,Nature Genetics,Nature Rev Genet,PNAS,PLoS,Cell and Plant Cell, and publised more than 30 papers in important professional books and periodicals including Mol Biol Evol,J Mol Evol,Genetics,Curr Opin Genet Develop and Genome Research. He edited the tenth volume of "The Origin and Evolution of New Functions of Genes" in the Dutch version of "Important Issues in Contemporary Genetics and Evolution." The research results have been written into texts about the major evolutionary genetics fields in the United States and Europe. Many newspapers and news sites in the United States and Europe have reported these findings in a variety of languages.