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Hydrogen Production by Catalytic Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Alcohols

Sunday, 2020, October 25 - 10:30
School of Chemistry and Materials Science
Zhiping Zheng, professor and doctoral advisor of Southern University of Science and Technology, national distinguished expert

Professor Zhiping Zheng received his bachelor's degree and master's degree from Peking University in 1987 and 1990, and his doctor's degree from the University of California, Los Angeles with Professor M. Frederick Hawthorne as his supervisor in 1995. And then he has been engaged in post doctoral research under the guidance of Professor Richard H.Holm from Harvard University. Since 1997, he has been employed in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the University of Arizona, successively serving as an assistant professor, associate professor, professor and deputy director of the Department of Scientific Research and Personnel. He was once a chair professor of "Minjiang Scholars" of Xiamen University and professor of "111 Talent Introduction Plan" of State Key Laboratory of  Solid Surface Physical Chemistry from 2006 to 2011. Later, being a member of national distinguished experts, he was employed by Xi'an Jiaotong University as the director of Applied Chemistry Research Center and director of the Institute of Frontier Chemistry from 2011 to 2016. He joined the Southern University of Science and Technology in June, 2017 and served as a chair professor. He was the executive director of Shenzhen Grubbs Research Institutefrom December, 2017 to March, 2019 and the current director of the Department of Chemistryfrom August, 2018 to now.

Professor Zhiping Zheng has long been committed to the preparation, characterization, property exploration and application of transition metal and rare earth element functional complexes. His research on rare earth cluster compounds has opened up a new field of rare earth coordination chemistry and material chemistry--he has published more than 160 papers on professional journals,  including Nature Chemistry, Nature Materials, Accounts of Chemical Research, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Angelandte Chemistry International Edition, etc., 7 of which have been selected as the cover articles of the journal. He was invited to write 10 chapters in the academic monograph and edited the first monograph on the chemistry and materials of rare earth and actinide cluster compounds. He was once the editor and consultant of Crystal Growth and Designtopic, and he was a member of the editorial board of Journal of  Rare Earths, Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers and Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, etc. He was awarded the CAREER Award of the Natural Science Foundation of the United States  in 2003, Young Investigator Award of the European Society of Lanthanides and Actinides in 2003, and was elected to the Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2016.