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Design and Application of Metal-Organic Framework Derived Materials

Tuesday, 2018, May 15 - 10:00
School of Chemistry and Materials Science, Nanjing Normal University
Renbing Wu


Renbing Wu

Renbing Wu is a young researcher in the Department of Materials Science at Fudan University and a candidate for the Thousand Talents Plan (the Recruitment Program of Global Experts). He graduated from Hefei University of Technology in and got Bachelor degree in chemical engineering and technology in June 2004. In June 2009, he graduated from Zhejiang University majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. From December 2011 to November 2015, he was engaged in postdoctoral research at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His current research direction focuses on the coordination polymer design, the derived micro-structure control of functional materials and applications in energy and environmental fields. In recent years, he accomplished achievements in the above-mentioned fields, and published more than 60 academic papers in famous academic journals. He published more than forty papers as the first author/corresponding author in Prog. Mater. Sci., Adv. Mater., ACS Nano, Adv. Funct. Mater. Also, he published five papers as the first author are ESI highly cited papers.