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Campus Life

Visa & Residence Permit

1. X1, X2 visa and Residence Permit (RP)

If you hold X1 visa, you will need to apply for Residence Permit in the following 30 days after your entry.

If you hold X2 visa, and the validity of the X2 visa is longer than your study period here, you can keep your X2 visa with no need to change it. However, if you stay in China for more than six months, you have to extend it or apply for the Residence Permit.

2. When do the newcomers apply for the RP?

When they come to the office to register, they may be issued a visa application certificate, with which and other necessary documents, they are required to go the PSB to apply for a RP. It may cost about 13yuan to go to the PSB by taxi.

3. What should I take for visa or RP extension?

1)Regular passport and its copy

2)Copy of the visa (with the latest entry seal)

3)Certificate issued by the office (yellow sheet)

4)Visa and RP application form(with one passport-size color photo)

5)Registration Form of Temporary Residence (read page 28)

6)Visa Application form JW201/JW202 ( for the 1st time in a new school only)

7)Health Certificate issued by Jiangsu International Travel Healthcare Center (JITHC, read page 35)

8)About 400 yuan.

4. Where to apply for Residence Permit?

      The Exit & Entry Administration, Nanjing Public Security Bureau.

      Address: No.173 Baixia Road.

      Telephone: 025-84420005.

      Service Time: 8:30-11:30, 14:00-17:00, Monday to Saturday.

      Transportation Guide:

Get on bus No.3, leading to Xinjiekou, at Suijiacangbus station, and transfer to bus No.1 at Xinjiekou East Station, and then get off at Baixialu Station, walk to the destination.

Address of the visa center: No.173 Baixia Road.

5. Must I go to the PSB in person?

Yes, you must. A photo of you must be taken in the computer on the spot.

6. When can I get my passport back

In about 5 working days,with the receipt of the passport and the invoice (the money you paid) you may get your passport back from the PSB.


Pay close attention to the valid date of your passport, visa or RP. If they are invalid, you may be served a warning or even fined 500 yuan per day for the period of your illegal stay in China with the total sum of fine not exceeding 10000 yuan, or detained from 5 to 15 days. If your offences are serious, you may at the same time be ordered to leave the country within a specified time.

7. How can my family extend the visa?

If a family member has the Family Membership Approval (FMA) authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, together with the visa-extension approval certificate issued by the office, the family member can apply for a RP in PSB. Otherwise, if no FMA, the family members can only apply for an L visa with the valid period less than 3 months. Those with an Official Passport but free visa cannot extend their visa.

8. Why is my RP valid only for half a year while the others’ are valid one year or even longer?

It depends on the student type, tuitions paid, duration of insurance and their class attendance. Read the details in “Rules for the Visa of Foreign Students in NNU”.