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Campus Life

Policies Regarding Registration

Where the student organizations apply for registration, the following requirements shall be met:

  1. The student organization shall be initiated by at least 5 students. The initiator shall be the student who is officially admitted to NNU without any records of violation of the school rules and regulations and be qualified for organizing activities thereof.
  2. A qualified name and corresponding organizations shall be required;
  3. A guiding unit for the affairs shall be required;
  4. At least one instructor shall be required;
  5. The standardized organization articles including the organization’s name, category, mission, membership qualification, rights and obligations, organization and management system, financial system, procedures of president-selecting, article revision and organization termination, as well as other related issues which shall be set forth therein.

The activities and development orientations of the organizations-applying-for and the existing and established ones shall not be completely overlapped and mutually contained. The following materials i.e. complete articles of the organization, the resume of the organization president (including his/her way of contact and the name list of 5 or more initiators), the advice and signature of the instructor, the seal of the guiding unit for the affairs shall be submitted to the university Student Union by the initiator who is preparing for the student organizations’ registration.

To establish the student organizations which off-campus students get involved, the initiators shall not only go through the stipulated registration formalities but also gain the consent of the related departments of NNU and the approval of the NNU Party Committee. All the procedures thereof shall be carried out under the guidance of the NNU Youth League Committee.

The preparatory group of the organization shall submit the application form of the organization establishment and other related attachments to the NNU Student Union for the first-round review and the NNU Youth League Committee for the second-round review; no later than 15 work days after the acceptance of the application form and all the valid documentation thereof, the NNU Youth League Committee shall make the final decision of approval or disapproval for the preparing of the organization; the NNU Student Union shall arrange a defense meeting for the organization which is approved for the preparatory work concerning about the application material. The defense meeting shall be attended by the related main directors of the NNU Student Union and the main organization initiators; activities unrelated to the preparatory work during the preparatory period shall not be allowed; the NNU Student Union shall arrange the final defense meeting for the new organization no later than 15 work days after the organization membership meeting, and publicize to the public the final results of the review no more than 7 days after the closing of the defense meeting. The approved organization shall run into a two-month trial period under the supervision and guidance of the NNU Student Union and those of good performance shall be registered and set up as the college-level Organization thereafter.