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Campus Life

Facilities and Hours

Equipped with many complete sets of advanced facilities for exercising, the Xianlin Sports Center covers an area of 23,000 square meters falling in a convenient range for people to reach with six public bus driving directly to the destination and Metro Line 2 a few miles ahead. The Sports Center consists of two gyms, which are designed as the competition venue A with Yoga room, dancing room, VIP fitness center and shower room, and the comprehensive training gym B with warm-watered natatorium, badminton stadium, basketball arena, volleyball arena, table tennis training hall, exercising instrument room for masculine building, room for martial arts training, gymnastic hall, indoor plastic racetrack and two outdoor swimming pools. Many national-leveled and international-leveled sports competitions and artistic performance have been held in the center. In respond to the National Fitness Program, all the exercising rooms are now available to the citizens in Nanjing after the successful holding of the Tenth National Games. Except for the moment of physical teaching and training period, everyone is welcomed to the center to enjoy the shared resources for exercising.

It is not rare to see all-aged sports amateurs exercising in the Suiyuan sports center after class and on holidays. To meet with the public demand for fitness training and physical recreation, School of Sports Science and Physical Education in NNU has established many beloved training programs open to the public to enhance the social interaction and ease the contradictions caused by the unbalanced distribution of the training zones in the gym. Providing the access to the Sports Center in Suiyuan campus, Nanjing Normal University has acted as an ideal place for public exercising and arena for sports competition. There are three gyms now available to the public: the badminton hall, table tennis arena and basketball arena. 

Service fees of the Xianlin Sports Center





(place unreserved with delayed arriving)

Main Room



(Time limited up to 2 hours with the maximum 30 people)

Opening Time: 15:00-21:00 on weekends.

(Make a reservation in advance for your  use during weekdays.)

Badminton Hall

(Fifth Floor)





¥ 30/h/district


18:00-21:00(Mon./ Wed./Fri.)

16:30-21:00 (Tue./ Thur.)

Whole book on weekends: ¥3000/unit



NNU teachers  &students only)

Fitness Center

(Third Floor)

General ticket: ¥15/person;

Special:  ¥10/person

(For NNU teachers & students)


(For teachers & students in NNU School of Sports Science and

Physical Education)

Opening Time: 15:00-21:00

Table Tennis


(First Floor)








    18:00-21:00 (Mon./ Wed./Fri.)

16:30-21:00 (Tue./ Thur.)

Whole book on weekends: ¥3000/unit



(For NNU






the outdoor

swimming pool)

General ticket:¥30/ person  

Opening Time:  15:00-17:30;


Special: ¥20/ person

(For NNU teachers & students/

 children under 1.3-meter height)


Outdoor swimming pool only open during summer vacations

Basketball arena, Volleyball arena, Martial Arts training room and Bodybuilding Exercising room:¥250/h for whole booking (¥200/h for NNU students);

Indoor Natatorium: ¥2000/h, ¥8000/unit for whole booking;

Basketball training arena:  ¥3000/unit, ¥9000/day;

Whole booking of the main arena: ¥3000/day;

Whole booking of the host VIP room: ¥800/unit;

Whole booking of the associate VIP room: ¥500/unit;

Whole booking of the press room: ¥400/unit;

Whole booking of the dressing room(Room110): ¥500/unit;

Whole booking of the office room(Room 101 west-sided): ¥300/unit;

Whole booking of the warehouse: ¥200/unit







Whole book per unit: ¥3000

Whole book for two units: ¥4500

Whole book for three units: ¥6000






Tennis Room













Line for ticket booking:85891175

    Ticket office: Room 108, Sports Center

Whole book for half a day: ¥2000

Whole book for a day (daytime only): ¥3000

Whole book for a day (including the nights): ¥5000