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Chinese History ( M.S. )

1. Training/Research Orientation

  • Chinese Special History
  • Chinese Ancient History
  • Chinese Modern History
  • Contemporary Chinese History
  • Chinese Historical Philology

2. Program Duration and Credit

Three years generally, the maximum school years are not longer than 5 years (including the extension time).
30 credits of courses in total, at least 19 credits of academic courses.

3. Core Courses and Introduction

Theory and Method of History
Through the teaching of the basic knowledge of theory of historiography and historical method, graduate students are normally expected to obtain the ability of the theoretical level of graduate students, as well as to deepen the research history of the depth of the problem. The contents include:

  • The basic concepts and basic theory of history, the general research method of history;
  • Proficiency in the use of historical materialism analysis and study of historical figures and events,See through the appearance to perceive the essence, deepen the understanding of historical figures and events. meanwhile, follow the trend of the times, try to use the latest history theory and ways to broaden their horizons, a new understanding of historical events to be formed;
  • A profound experience to the study of history has a strong social function, at the same time, it can also be a reference to the social reality.

Studies of Historical Literature
Through the teaching of the formation and development, arrangement and classification, analysis and identification of historical data of Chinese historical literature, graduate students are normally expected to obtain the ability of mastering the basic knowledge and learning methods of history of literature. The contents include:

  • The basic theory of historical literature
  • The main methods and ways of sorting out historical documents
  • The origin, style and the pros and cons of China historical literature
  • Research situation and development trends of China historical literature

Seminar on History
By teaching all levels of the project of politics and economy, ideology and culture, diplomacy, people on China history, this course requiresgraduate students to have an overall grasp of the history of China, so as to further lay the foundation for learning expertise. The contents include:

  • China political history
  • Chinese economic history
  • China ideological and cultural history
  • China history of foreign exchanges
  • Personage Introduction

The Social and Economic History of Ancient China
Through the exploration on the economic history of ancient China, graduate students are normally expected to obtain the ability of learning the basic knowledge of ancient China economic field, understanding of the status and economic history of ancient Chinese in ancient history and the history of China and the role played in the process of promoting the economic progress of history in action. The contents include:

  • The social division of labor has greatly promoted the formation of the ancient Chinese economic structure;
  • The improvement of production technology promotes the development of ancient China economy;
  • The evolution of China ancient land and tax system as well as the impact to Chinese ancient economic and Chinese ancient economic fate;
  • Along with the development of agriculture, handicraft industry and commerce and the city's economic prosperity, Chinese economic regionalization began to change and the economic center began to move.

History of China’s Modern Political System
Through the studying of this course, graduate students are normally expected to obtain the ability of a basic knowledge and understanding on the historical process and law of occurrence, development and evolution of the modern political system, make clear the characteristics,nature, relationship and difference of the political system of different regime in different periods. The contents include:

  • The central political system
  • Supervisory system
  • Local political system
  • The system of personnel selection and management officials (such as the appointment of officials, appraisal , reward and punishment system, withdrawal and retirement system)

4. Supervisors

Tianshi Li, Jin Zhang, Lianhong Zhang, Chunfeng Qi, Zhong Zheng, Yonghong Xiao, Pu Hong, Li Lu, Hengquan Li, Aimin Guo, Jing Zhang,Jicang Li, Zhilong Wang, Sheng Pan, Haijian Yan.