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10 People of the Year

Zucong Cai

Zucong Cai, Professor and Ph. D supervisor of School of Geography Science, chiefly engaged in study of relation in between soil carbon circulation and soil nitrogen circulation and global changes. He developed the method of strong reduction of soil to rid barriers for continual planting of crops. The method makes it possible for continual planting the crops or crops of the same family in the same plot and it can reduce air pollution of burned straws because large quantities of straw are consumed instead of being burned. It can also bring great social and environmental benefits by largely reducing the consumption of pesticides. The team headed by Zucong Cai employed the abovementioned method to overcome banana withering, which is also named banana cancer or banana AIDS, in Ledong, Hainan Province. They also solved the problem in continual planting Lisianthus (a flower) in Shipping, Yunnan Province, in 2015. The research group has published 9 papers in international journals indexed in SCI. Because of the immense social and environmental profits, the group and their achievements have attracted wide attention of media, and Professor Zucong Cai was a newsmaker in China Science of 2015.