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10 People of the Year

Zhou Yang

yang_zhou_.jpgZhou Yang is a professor and Ph. D supervisor from the School of Life Sciences. In 2017, he was selected into the Ten Thousand Talents Program, and presided over one key project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He is also a recipient of the second prize of the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award. Professor Zhou is the leader of the aquatic ecology innovation team, hydrobiology and zoology of Nanjing Normal University. He has been engaged in the basic theoretical research and practical exploration of water ecology for a long time. He has also done some systematic studies about the complex interspecific relationships in the aquatic ecosystem, focusing on inducible anti-grazing defense of algae, the response of zooplankton to toxic algae and mutual dynamics of algae and zooplankton population, and obtained a series of important innovative achievements. These achievements enrich and develop the theory of aquatic ecology and are of important scientific guiding significance in innovative management and maintenance of the health and stability of China's water city ecosystem.