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10 People of the Year

Zhiqiang Wang

wang_zhi_qiang_tu_pian_1.jpgZhiqiang Wang is a master’s degree candidate of School of Marxism Studies, member of CPC and Party branch secretary of Grade 2014 postgraduate students of Marxist Theory. During the study in NNU, he directed a postgraduate research and innovation program of Jiangsu province and published 9 academic papers as independent and first author, 1 for A-level authoritative journal Studies on Marxism(2016.09), 1 for B-level authoritative journal Studies on Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping Theories (2016.11), 1 for CSSCI Literature of Chinese Communist Party (2016.11) and 1 for Chinese core journal Education Exploration (2016.09). In 2016, he was admitted into NNU as Ph. D candidate by “application-examination”. He was also awarded the third prize of the “NationalForumfor Ph. D candidatein Marxist Theory” hosted by the Ministry of Education of China, “National Scholarship for Graduates”, “Excellent Postgraduate Student”, “Excellent Student Party Member”, summer intern “Outstanding Individual” and other honors.