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10 People of the Year

Yonggui Wang

wang_yong_gui_.jpgYonggui Wang is a professor and Ph.D supervisor from the School of Marxism Studies. In 2017, he was selected as a Changjiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education of China. He is also the leader of a national key discipline “Basic Principles of Marxism” and Jiangsu Provincial first-level and preponderant discipline “Marxist Theory”. Professor Wang is now appointed as a chief expert of the key tendering projects of the National Social Science Fund, evaluation expert of disciplinary planning of the National Social Science Fund and a leading talent of philosophy and social science in the Ten Thousand Talents Program. He was also elected to National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Projects. As a young and middle-aged expert making contributions to the country, he has been granted the State Council Special Allowance and has become a leading figure of ideological and political education of the colleges and universities in China.