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10 People of the Year

Yan Jiang

jiang_yan__0.jpgYan Jiang is a Ph. D candidate from the School of Education Science who enrolled in NNU in 2016. She was awarded “Excellent Postgraduate Student in 2016-2017”, “Outstanding Student League Cadre”, “National Scholarship for Graduates”, a representative of Nanjing Normal University’s 16th Congress of Party Representatives, Tao Xingzhi Prize for Scientific Research, recipient of a NNU scholarship and other honors. In 2017, she published 5 papers: two of which were published in first-level authoritative journals. One paper entitled “The Instructional Imagination: Connotation, Value and Stimulating Strategies” was published in the journal Curriculum, Teaching Material and Method and included in CSSCI. Another paper “Self-organizing Culture: A New Orientation of Perfecting Modern University Education” was published in the journal Higher Education of Sciences. She also published 1 CSSCI paper entitled “Dialectical Reflections of Several Issues on Teaching and Research” which was included in the journal Education Science. The paper “Self-organizing Learning Model’s Right and Wrong in Theory and Practice” was published in the journal Theory and Practice of Education and a core journal paper “The Connotation, Function and Skill of Humor in Classroom Teaching” was published in the journalContemporary Educational Science.