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10 People of the Year

Siyuan Lu

Siyuan Lu is a master’s degree candidate of School of Computer Science and Technology. He is a patient with cerebral palsy due to difficult labor, which seriously affects his limbs’ movement. He can hardly walk alone and is incapable of doing delicate maneuvers such as holding a pen. Although he cannot take good care of himself, he was admitted into NNU in 2015 to pursue his master’s degree. Over the past year, he studied hard and actively participated in various activities, doing his best to help others. Under the guidance of his supervisor Yudong Zhang, Lu read a mass of monographs and papers and became a skilled user of some professional softwares such as MATLAB, conducting researches on automatic identification and classification of brain image based on computers. In 2016, he got extraordinary academic performance and published 4 high-level SCI papers, 3 as the first author and 1 as the second author and corresponding author.