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10 People of the Year

Min Chen

chen_min__0.jpgMin Chen is professor and Ph. D supervisor of School of Geography Science,Distinguished Professor of Jiangsu Province, China. He engages in the research on geographic modeling and simulation and virtual geographic environments (VGE), taking charge of the development of service-oriented geographic modeling and simulation platformin an open web environment.In 2016, he was elected to the “Thousand Young Talents Program” of the organizing department of CPC andthe collegeinnovative talent ofthe “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program” of Jiangsu Province and was awarded National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. He works as the Secretary of Geography Information Science and Systems Specialty Group of the American Geographical Society (AAG)and the Secretary General of the VGE committee of China National Committee of theInternational Society on digital Earth (ISDE). He wonthe second prize in Natural Science awarded by the Ministry of Education of China and the second prize in Natural Science awarded by the Education department of Jiangsu province in 2016 and was honored as the “innovative figures” of the 6thCollege GIS Forum. So far, he has published over 50 papers including over 30 SCI/SSCI papers. He also works as the guest editor of International Journal of Digital Earth(IJDE) and other international SCI journals and vice chairman or session chairman for several international meetings organized by IGU, ISDE, ICA, AAG and other international academic organizations.