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10 People of the Year

Le Tang

tang_le_.jpgLe Tang is a non-academic advisor in the School of Mathematical Sciences. In 2017, she participated in a speech activity organized by the Propaganda Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party committee, and over 30,000 people have watched the video of her speech online. As a representative of the first public lecture of the report “Study, Publicize and Carry out the Guidelines of 19th CPC National Congress”, she shared the core contents of 19th CPC National Congress. Subsequently, she made speeches in colleges and universities in cities including Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Changzhou with over 2000 representatives of CPC party members gathering there. As an instructor of volunteers, she led volunteers of from Nanjing Normal University to provide voluntary service at the Jiangsu Development Summit and was granted the honor “Excellent Instructor for Voluntary Service” by the Youth League Committee of Jiangsu Province. The online platform for ideological and political education set up by her guides college students to possess the correct values using a combination of online and offline communication. During a nearly one-year development of the platform, she has written about 30 online articles, and organized 6 offline activities, attracting thousands of college students. Her paper “Career Plan: A Practical Way to Implement Socialist Core Values in Universities” was awarded as the second prize in a Jiangsu Provincial paper contest about college students' employment and self-employment.