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10 Achievements of the Year

Technology, capital and system—the impasses, conditions and paths about the digital shift of China’s television industry

liu_quan_.jpgAuthor: Quan Liu
Organization: School of Journalism and Communication
The form of the achievement: paper
Introduction: The paper entitled “Technology, Capital and System—the Impasses, Conditions and Paths about the Digital Shift of China’s Television Industry”, originally published in Journalism Quarterly, was republished in the JournalXinhua Digeston September20th, 2017.The paper focuses on the marked impact brought on by Chinese television’s endeavor to adapt to the development of digital technology. The digitization-triggered media revolution not only breaks the traditional monopoly on television channels and content, but it also fundamentally changes the TV industry in terms of the industry mode, ways of organization, and the processes of programming and broadcasting. Digital technology provides an operational platform, and more importantly, how the TV industry strategically and tactically responds to technology platform and media ecological changes.